Dr. Montanat Rojjanasrirat, senior advisor and doctor at CHIROHEALTH Bangkok, spokesman for Thailand Chiropractic Association (TCA)

What is chiropractic?
It is a health profession focusing on the recovery of dysfunction in joints, spine and muscles. It is different from orthopedic because chiropractic tries not to focus on the use of medicine or surgery, but rather on biomechanical recovery and body manipulation.

Is it a painful procedure?
It isn’t as painful as most people think. Physical therapists use chiropractic a lot because there isn’t much risk; on the contrary it is very efficient. Procedures usually involve manual maneuvers like massages to adjust dysfunctional parts of the body and to rehabilitate muscles.

Which demographic is most likely to see a chiropractor?
Our patients are mostly in the 35 to 65 age group as the symptoms of these problems can take years to develop. Due to their working lifestyle, most people have problems with their back, spine and joints but tend to overlook them until it reaches a point where surgery is needed. 70% of our patients suffer from problems with their intervertebral discs due to their bad posture.

Why not use medicine or surgery?
We’re not against medicine or surgery but will only use it when nothing else works because we believe in biomechanical treatments including body alignment, body stability, joint status and its effect on the nervous system. Recovery from within is the best solution. Here, we mix chiropractic with orthopedic, rehabilitation and sports medicine.

How long does it usually take for a patient to be completely recovered?
It depends on each case, but usually from a couple of weeks up to half a year.

How can we prevent these types of dysfunctions?
People unconsciously do the wrong thing for their body, like sitting with bad posture, overloading their spine through exercise. The easiest way is to be mindful of your posture, do exercises that increase your flexibility and don’t wait it out if you can feel pain—80% of back problems comes from leaving treatment late.
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