Local labels like Baylene and alldressedup are some of the highlights at this year’s Singapore Fashion Festival (Mar 23-Apr 1).

Here’s a preview of some of the best local creations on show—you’re seeing it here first.

(Top Row, Left to Right)

1. Pair this sexy yellow blouse with these flowy beige culottes from alldressedup for that immediate, sophisticated look.

2. For a bold and androgynous look, this full-on ensemble by Baylene will wipe out any competition.

3. Every girl needs a little black dress, and this simple yet beautiful creation by Baylene should do the trick.

4. For something more minimalist and chic, look no further than this well-cut side pleated boxy top and bermudas from Burgundy that won’t look out of place on the catwalks or at the beach.

5. Look young and spectacular in this attractive and sporty ensemble by alldressedup.

(Bottom Row, Left to Right)

6. This sexy yellow tube dress with a detachable belt by Desmond Yang from Abyzz easily stops traffic.

7. Featuring exquisite details and a cool collar, this shirt and shorts ensemble by Nicholas is tres chic, with a chinois twist.

8. For a casual evening out with friends, look no further than this simple yet chic blue slip-on knit by alldressedup.

9. This pretty and dainty Ueno by Hiroko Ueno dress evokes Marie Antoinette and a Greek goddess, and is certainly one of the most striking pieces on show.


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Live a little, and get your hands on these coveted cool things. So what if you don’t really need them? All items are not to scale.

(Image 1)

There’s nothing more cute or cuddly than one of these handmade Maki Squarepatch soft toys. $73 from www.makisquarepatch.com.
Get this if: You’re a softie at heart.

This gorgeous black rattan chair from Asylum is the piece de resistance for any home. $1,380 from Asylum.
Get this if: You think you have good taste, period.

In the mood for a card game or two? These beautiful playing cards by David Redman are a must have. Price on application from Vanilla Home.
Get this if: You want to keep up your winning streak.

This short film DVD directed by indie queen Zoe Cassavettes about men who drive women crazy is fun and captivating. $70 from Front Row.
Get this if: You’re into all things indie.

Here’s your last chance to get your hands on this lovely Rosetta brooch from Asylum. It’s the last one in store. $52.50.
Get this if: You’re looking for one of the more affordable cool things around.

Never mind that Christmas is over. This limited edition Comme des Garçons snow dome is essential for any collector. $101 from Comme des Garçons Guerilla Store.
Get this if: You’re a self-respecting Comme des Garcons fan.

Can’t wait for the real thing? Get your hands on these special Taxi lights by Local designer Casey Chen. $138 from Asylum.
Buy this if: You want to stop traffic.

Those in the know will tell you that these ultra rare Arkitip books will make or break any hipster. This edition, with free socks designed by Melbourne duo PAM, is the hottest in the series yet. $28 from Basheer Graphoc Books.
Get this if: You don’t want to be left out.

It’s OK if you can’t afford her artworks. This one-off canvas shoe, specially hand-drawn by Singapore-based, French artist Agathe de Bailliencourt is highly coveted. And at $280, it’s pretty affordable too. From Comme des Garçons Guerilla Store.
Get this if: You’re a sneaker pimp.

Can’t get enough of your other half? This lovely neck rest, which comes in a pair, by local designer Aiwei, is cool and collectable. $80 from Asylum.
Get this if: You’re suffering from love or neck fatigue.

Skull motifs are all the rage right now, and this bolster cum toy by Japanese label Neighborhood is definitely larger than life. $270 from Ambush/Surrender.
Get this if: You’re looking for a bedside companion.

Shaken or stirred? Have it both ways with this ultra luxurious and ultra gorgeous cocktail shaker from Vanilla Home. Price on application, but be prepared to pay a thousand buckaroos or so.
Get this if: If you’re an aspiring bartender.

Be careful where you put your mouth, as this David Redman straw is made from sterling silver, and is
strictly for the well-heeled. Price on application from Vanilla Home.
Get this if: You want to pay lip service.

We’re lost for words. This “deconstructed” hardcover book by local design collective 10am also works as a door stopper. $89 from Asylum.
Get this if: You’re a book worm, and are into books of any form.

You don’t have to be a comic fanboy to appreciate the coolness of the uber-hip series The Sandman. For $150, you can pick up this awesome hardcover collection at Absolute Comics.
Get this if: You have trouble sleeping or just love your stories with pretty pictures.

(Image 2)

Who cares if summer’s here already? This raincoat from Comme des Garçons is the ultimate showstopper. $3,903 from Comme des Garçons Guerilla Store.
Get this if: The weather doesn’t get to you.

Whoever thought paper weights could be so eye-catching? This little baby from Vanilla Home is not to be taken lightly. Price on application.
Get this if: You want to weigh yourself down.

Nothing is quirkier or cooler than this Comme des Garçons plastic women’s handbag, designed by French artist Christian Astuguevieille, and adorned with rows of cotton buds (you heard us right). $441 from Comme des Garçons Guerilla Store.
Get this if: Your ears are itching for it.

This original Dynamo light (termed the Dynaglo) by local designer Casey Chen will light up any room. $98. Email iam@caseychen to purchase.
Get this if: Washing is your thing.

Dance around in style when you put the needle on this cool vinyl produced by French fashion label APC. $40 from Front Row.
Get this if: If you’re a trendy vinyl junkie.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane; no, it’s a coin pouch from uber hip Japanese label Porter. Going for a cool $120 at Ambush/Surrender, this is strictly for the coolest cats in town.
Get this if: You have lots of coins to spare, in which case, you’d probably need one of these.

Ketna Patel’s colorful and effervescent artworks effortlessly fuse elements of East and West. And this piece, entitled “Tailor Made Asia,” is as cool as it gets. Price on application from Michi Artists.
Get this if: You want to spruce up your dull living room.

US-BASED KOREAN Rostarr is one of the fastest rising street artists, so this limited-edition silkscreen print by the man, titled “Siamese Antichrist,” is highly coveted. $300 from Ambush/Surrender.
Get this if: You want to up your street cred.

This McQ by Alexander McQueen keychain with a clown motif is eye-catching and outstanding, and certainly, no laughing matter. It also works as a funky necklace. $399 from Blackjack.
Get this if: Clowns make your world go round.

This one-off necklace by local label Argentum is a bold piece du jour.
Get this if: If you want to support local designers.

No doubt about it. This vinyl figure by streetwear brand Superdeux’s B*Shit is simply da s**t. $50 from Urban Junkie.
Get this if: You want to prove that you’re the bomb.

Art connoisseurs will let you know that this Yoshitomo Nara battery-operated PupCup, which swirls and twirls, is a must have. $199 from Urban Junkie.
Get this if: You can’t afford paintings by Yoshitomo Nara, which fetches up to seven figures.

One word rules them all: KAWS. Everything this graffiti artist touches turns to gold, and so is this groovy pillow by KAWS’s new fashion brand Original Fake. $120 from Ambush/Surrender.
Get this if: You’re decorating your living room and looking for something aside from IKEA.

Ever wanted to play with Christian Bale? Now you can with this 18-inch action figure of Bale from the cult thriller American Psycho. $100 from Absolute Comics.
Get this if: You have a weird fascination for all things Christian Bale or you’re just a very warped kid at heart.

Channel your inner B-boy when you get your hands on this limited-edition skateboard (minus the wheels), designed by acclaimed American visual artist and cartoonist Gary Baseman. $149 from Urban Junkie.
Get this if: You really really can’t skate, but are just into cool things.

Cool Speak

We asked three Singaporeans if they are willing to pay for cool factor.

Agathe de Bailliencourt shoes $280

“The shoes are cool because they’re creative and individualistic. I would buy it because I think it’s worth it. Probably no one would have the exact same pair.” Melissa John, student

“They are so cool!!! I would definitely buy something this unique as they are hand-painted!” Nimin Liao, executive

“These shoes are the coolest! It’s design is so exclusive!” Penny Tan, student

10 AM Doorstopper $80
“Very imaginative; but I wouldn’t buy it because it’s overpriced.” John

“It’s good to see that ‘books’ have other usage after so many years of grilling in school! I would buy it as a gift for someone who will appreciate it.” Liao

“The door stopper is, unique at least, but unnecessary to my needs.” Tan

Neighbourhood Skull cushion $280
“The skull cushion is morbidly funky. It’s unique and a little warped at the same time. I wouldn’t buy it though.
It’s also overpriced.” John

“It’s good as a Halloween gift. Too bad it doesn’t glow in the dark.” Liao

“The skeleton cushion is lame, really.” Tan



Skateboard $149
“It’s a nice decorative piece but I wouldn’t buy it because it doesn’t appeal to me.” John

“I think this is a must for someone who appreciates the art of skate-boarding. I would buy this for an avid collector.” Liao

“It has no wheels, so I don’t see the point.” Tan

Address book

Absolute Comics, #03-13 Parco Bugis Junction, 230 Victoria St., 6333-3193.

Ambush/Surrender, 119 Devonshire Rd., 6732-2744.

Asylum, 22 Ann Siang Rd., 6324-2289.

Basheer Graphic Books, #04-19 Bras Basah Complex, 231 Bain St., 6336-0810.

Blackjack, #01-10/13-15 Forum The Shopping Mall, 583 Orchard Rd., 6735-0975.

Comme des Garçons Guerilla Store, #01-540 Blk. 113, Bukit Merah View, 6224-3226.

Front Row, 5 Ann Siang Rd., 6224-5502.

Michi Artists, 35 Jalan Puteh Jerneh, Chip Bee Gardens, 6479-3736.

Urban Junkie, #02-110 Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Rd., 6732-8839.

Vanilla Home, 48 Club St., 6324-6206.


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Let these slogan tees do the talking.

Put this on if you...
you don’t feel like talking. $65 from Eclecticism.


Put this on if you...feel a little emo. $64.90 from Urban Junkie.


Put this on if you...
want to declare that you’re a Daft Punk groupie. $35 from HDLN.


Put this on if you...
if you’re feeling a little schizo. $169 from Blackjack and Front Row.


Put this on if you...
are a material girl (or boy). $49.90 from NewUrbanMale.com.


Put this on if you...
want to keep it real. $64.90 from Urban Junkie.


Put this on if you...
think you’re a nonchalant rock god. $95 from Front Row.


Put this on if you...
feel like spreading some good vibes. $49.90 from Sidewalk 10.


Put this on if you...
are in the mood for some night games. $159 from Inhabit.


Put this on if you...
if you want your broken heart mended. $45 from Oppt Shop.

Address Book

Blackjack, #01-10 Forum The Shopping Mall, 583 Orchard Rd., 6735-0975.
Eclecticism, #03-22/23 Mandarin Gallery, 330 Orchard Rd., 6735-7290.
Front Row, 5 Ann Siang Rd., 6224-5502.
HDLN, #04-139 Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Rd., 6333-8466.
Inhabit, #B1-03 Palais Renaissance, 390 Orchard Rd., 6235-6995.
NewUrbanMale.com, #04-08/K4 The Heeren, 260 Orchard Rd., 6884-4005.
Oppt Shop, #04-36 The Heeren, , 260 Orchard Rd., 6733-9406.
Sidewalk 10, #03-84 Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Rd.
Urban Junkie, #02-110 Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Rd., 6732-8839.


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Four boutique graphic design firms make their mark with offbeat and cutting-edge multi-disciplinary works and campaigns. Here’s what you need to know about them.


Where it is: 22 Ann Siang Rd., 6324-2289.
Who it is: Led by creative director Chris Lee, this nine-member outfit comprises a design firm and retail space located at Ann Siang Hill. Considered one of the hippest and forward-looking design firms, partly because of its various fashion and contemporary art ventures with brands like Fred Perry, Mihara Yashuhiro and Hooked Clothing.
Its philosophy: “I wanted a boutique company that could create great works for a multitude of clients because being in a big agency means that you only work for big clients,” says Lee. “I guess the big difference is that we are truly cross-disciplinary. Our projects at any one time spread from graphic to interior to interactive to environment to packaging to music, etc. We also consciously look for small interesting clients or generate projects on our own to keep us sane.”
What it’s most well-known for: Too many to name, but some of Asylum’s most prominent projects include the interiors of alfresco bar Loof, and cutting-edge designs for Microsoft and Nike. Meanwhile, hipsters love Asylum’s retail store that combines high fashion, artworks, cool mags, rare furniture and other knick-knacks.


Where it is: 32A Sago St., 6225-0887.
Who it is: Led by creative director Little Ong, this six-member outfit works from a small office in Chinatown. Originally comprising just four members, fFurious has gone on to bigger things, and is even a resident artist for 72-13, TheatreWorks’ forward-thinking multi-media arts platform.
Its philosophy: “We started out as a group of like-minded people with a desire to better life by creativity,” says Ong. “We didn't deliberately set ourselves apart by deciding to be a certain way. On the contrary, we were open to possibilities—creativity unlimited by medium. In essence, this creates an environment of discovery, experimentation and collaboration.”
What it’s most well-known for: Over the years, fFurious has done many groovy ad campaigns for the likes for Style Asia and Centro 360, among many others. Most recently, the group’s visual graphics and interactive touch screen experiences for National Museum were the talk of town. fFurious’s art contributions to last year’s Fiction@Love exhibition at Singapore Art Museum and Spotlight Singapore in Tokyo are also noteworthy.


Where it is: #04-01, 74 South Bridge Rd., 6536-0332.
Who it is: Led by creative director Larry Peh and Yeow Yeong, this tight newbie was formed only in 2005. But their clean and simple ad campaigns and designs have come a long way.
Its philosophy: “Our works are all about observing all the important trends—ranging from design, fashion, architecture to art—understanding them, taking them very seriously and totally ignoring or forsaking them in search of the most honest ideas and solutions that go beyond answering a brief,” states Peh. “Our designs boast a modern, timeless appeal, with each project meticulously crafted to achieve a seemingly effortless design.”
What it’s most well-known for: Movie buffs will identify with &Larry’s sleek, simplistic yet effective design for the movie poster of Royston Tan’s 4:30. But its most prominent project to date is last year’s Christmas ad campaign for iFourum, which attempted to ditch the Martha Stewart D-I-Y approach for something simpler, focusing on the beauty of the imagination. It was an instant hit.


Where it is: 72 Monk’s Hill Terrace, 6734-9752.
Who it is: Greater than the sum of parts, Bunch brings together a group of collective talents from various corners of the world—with Singaporean Chris Lim and Portuguese Paolo Silva based in Singapore. Its nine individual members offer distinctive approaches to design and diverse areas of design expertise, with two other offices in London and Zagreb.
Its philosophy: “Our broad client base, which comprises clientele such as Sony, Coca Cola, BBC, and Diesel, is witness to our nature of design,” says Lim. “It underscores the diversity which creativity calls for. By not sticking religiously to a house style, as is the fate of many a design group, we have managed to remain versatile over the years; as opposed to falling into any particular industry, product, discipline or aesthetic. Bunch live work and play in a global fashion. So often is the case, a brief, big or small, will come back from all three corners of the world with vibrant takes on it each time. This enables us to deliver within borders what’s needed without pandering to any cultural trends.”
What it’s most well-known for: The recent Promax UK 2006 Conference & Awards. Bunch’s print, interactive mailers and set designs for the conference and award ceremony created a consistent and striking identity for the event. Other notable clients for the group include Resfest and DHR.


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More indie fashion boutiques are cropping up all over town. Here are seven more to check out.

It seems that more and more shoppers are going boutique, and no less than seven indie boutiques have opened over the past three months. Following the success of stalwarts Antipodean, Felt, Asylum, Front Row and Venue, boutique operators are confident that their shops will take off. “The (boutique) experience is very different from shopping in a mall,” says Asylum’s Chris Lee, who is also the man behind Fred Perry Laurel Shop, the new fashion boutique in Ann Siang Road. “Most people still hang out in malls because it’s more convenient...but people who shop in boutiques know that there’s an experience that they can never find in a mall. I think there’s a lot of charm in being small, knowing that what you own is a little more exquisite than other mass produced stuff out there.”

Déjà Vu Vintage’s Kelly Yeo agrees. “Our customers treasure exclusivity and individuality,” she states. “The fashion forward appreciate that there’s no danger of the ‘turning up in the same dress’ syndrome when they shop in boutiques. And they enjoy style that truly expresses their individuality.”

With that in mind, I-S checks out what’s in store from the latest indie boutiques in town.

Black Clover

Where? #03-17 Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Rd., 6732-8221.
What Style? A colorful mix of dresses, girly tops, and vintage accessories and bags.
What’s in Store? With more than 200 unique items sourced by partners Yvonne Tan and Serene Chiang, Black Clover is a refreshing find. The store is spacious and clothes are well-stocked and displayed. Vintage furniture is used to showcase the accessories, adding to its old-world charm.
Hot Buys: Blouses and dresses from Hong Kong label An Old Story, which are made from vintage fabrics and priced from an affordable $25, are the main draw here. The many vintage bags, bangles and brooches here, from just $19, are flying off the shelves, too.


Where? 61 Haji Lane, 6297-9886.
What Style? Vintage-styled dresses and blouses, with accessories and vintage belts and bags thrown in for good measure.
What’s in Store? Those who are familiar with its sister store COL at Far East Plaza will know what they’re in for. Clothes are well-stocked and packed to the brim, while the store’s unfinished setting, which comes replete with a deconstructed (read: Untouched) ceiling, add to its quirky touch.
Hot Buys: Accessories are from $13.90-32.90, while dresses are $29-150. Look out for the gorgeous vintage black sling bags at an affordable $79.

Déjà Vu Vintage

Where? #03-12A Mandarin Gallery, 330 Orchard Rd., 6333-6630.
What Style? Strictly one-off vintage pieces, from bags to dresses to accessories to shades, from Japan and the UK.
What’s in Store? The shop, which started out as a pushcart in Far East Square, has come a long way. Today, Déjà Vu Vintage boasts an inviting and minimalist atmosphere. The boutique is dressed with urban-retro style furniture, including a groovy Eye Chair and a bright halogen Grape Light, vintage fabrics, antique deer clothes hangers in the dressing rooms and a sprinkling of other animals and quirky décor to up its hip factor. Clothes are well-arranged according to style and color.
Hot Buys: Prices start from $10 for accessories and $49 for a top to under $500 for a ball gown.

Fred Perry Laurel Shop

Where? 19 Ann Siang Rd., 6325-3018.
What Style? Fred Perry polo tees, dresses and more for boys and girls.
What’s in Store? The 1,200 sq. ft. store boasts a raw design and old furniture in the spirit of guerilla stores. The walls are clean and are painted with pale turquoise color, so that the focus falls on the clothes.
Hot Buys: Look out for premium pieces like the Comme des Garçons collaborations with Fred Perry, as well as the classic collection. Prices range from $100-200 for footwear and classics, to $300-400 for more premium pieces.

My Room

Where? #04-106 Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Rd., 6235-9469.
What Style? Similar to Black Clover, My Room is a haven for girls who like their clothes pretty and girly. Most blouses and skirts are made in Hong Kong, with vintage pieces imported from Europe and the US.
What’s in Store? Softly lit and inviting, My Room works like, well, a private room for girls (with a huge dressing room to boot) so that customers can gather and have a small party of sorts while they shop. Clothes are also sparsely displayed, ensuring the shopping experience here remains luxe and exclusive.
Hot Buys: The vintage bags here are especially hot, like the Aigner piece which is going for $125. Tops are from $29.90-69.90, while dresses are $49.90-129.


Where? 11 Haji Lane, 9732-2944.
What Style? Streamlined and trendy pieces imported from Hong Kong and Bangkok.
What’s in Store? The décor is also clean
and whitewashed, with clothes elegantly displayed, ensuring that they are the main focus here. Upcoming Hong Kong labels like Latte and St. Paul are tastefully placed alongside accessories label MossStories from Bangkok.
Hot Buys: The blouses and jackets are simple and chic, with prices from $119-289. Upcoming local designer Harry Halim’s pieces will be stocked here soon.


Where? #03-16 The Heeren Shops, 290 Orchard Rd., 6734-4055.
What Style? The collection consists mostly of flirty styles in opal silk and beaded flowery prints. There is also a mix of cotton/linen pieces that is reminiscence of the ’60s such as mini dress with appliqués, topped off with printed knit dresses with a retro vibe.
What’s in Store? Without a doubt the most alluring store at The Heeren, UENO boasts a gorgeous and intimate space, replete with comfy chairs and a chandelier. This is a must for those who like a personalized shopping experience, topped with quality clothes fused with intricate details.
Hot Buys: The sexy dresses, like the beaded empire dress, are a must. And priced between $89-149, they’re pretty affordable too.


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Chandeliers are all the rage right now. Here’s our pick of the best out (or rather, up) there.

Chandelier lights have been highly sought after by décor and design aficionados over the past year and a half, and it does not seem like the trend is dying anytime soon. With more and more affordable chandeliers made available at various home décor boutiques around town, like Bulb and Haier Living, it seems that everybody is getting in on the trend.

“Chandelier lights are timeless,” exclaims Bulb’s boutique manager Olivia Auning. “They work like a piece of decorative jewelry...they change the mood and feel of any room. Invest in a good piece, and it will last you forever.”

Here are some magnificent pieces to feast your eyes on. Get them before they’re gone.

1. This original and cylindrical Art Deco-inspired piece from Bulb is an absolute dream. $5,000.

2. This vintage ’70s chandelier boasts translucent crystals through and through, and is perfect for the dining room. $3,000 from Lorgan’s.

3. Don’t know where to start? Look no further than this elaborate and classic piece that comes replete with black crystals. $2,000 from Salad and 3.

4. Eye-catching and luxe, this bright red piece from Anthropology stops traffic, every time. $1,600.

5. For the uninitiated, you can’t go wrong with this minimalist white gem from Lorgan’s. $1,200.

6. Not your typical chandelier lamp, this black piece from Haier Living, embellished with black stones, is actually a floor lamp, but with a twist. simply original. $1,130.

Address Book

3, 47 Haji Lane, 6396-5543.
Anthropology, 16A Lorong Mambong, Holland Village, 6467-2663.
Bulb, 8 Gemmill Lane, 6225-0158.
Haier Living, 105 Amoy St., 6441-3345.
Lorgan’s, #01-03 Century Warehouse, 100E Pasir Panjang Rd., 6272-4988.
Salad, 25/27 Haji Lane, 6299-5805.


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Still clueless on what’s hot and what’s not for the New Year? Just follow these close-to-season style trends that won’t go wrong.

We hear you—you’re sick of buying that rock ‘n’ roll-inspired tee that’s no longer trendy, as well that balloon skirt that screams “fashion victim!” Fret not, as we’ve sussed out the latest close-to-season style trends (read: over the next three months) that you simply must know about, with a little help from Senior Fashion Editor Sue Evans, who helms the online research and trend analysis fashion website www.wgsn.com (short for Worth Global Style Network). From glorious sequins to the boyfriend jacket (you heard us right) to modern romance, these key looks will set you straight for the New Year.


Sue says: Sportswear remains very functional and comfortable, so you can’t wrong with it this year. It speaks of dressing up, the modern way, but if you want to be trendy, look for pieces that are white or silver in color, or anything bright.
We say: This is where men can look good without trying too hard. Pair a Y-3 jacket and trousers with an Adidas sneakers, and you’re good to go.


Sue says: The look is very modern and futuristic. Think streamlined, clean shades, but with a dose of silver, white and other bright tinges too.
We say: You can’t go wrong with this pared-down look which can easily take you from the office to parties. Besides, it’s all about looking fuss-free this year, and what better way to start off the New Year with a clean slate. Brands to look out for include APC and Woods and Woods.

Modern Romance

Sue says: Think lace, ruffles and organza parka, but with a modern twist. Worn with a sportswear jacket, you’ll look pretty yet, well, sporty.
We say: Girly and whimsical, this is definitely one of the best trends for the year. Get the look from high-street labels like Topshop, GAP and Mango.

The Boyfriend Jacket

Sue says: This is a trend straight from the ’80s, and with shoulder pads to boot. It’s a completely new look for the season that will change the silhouette, especially when worn with leggings or mini skirts.
We say: This is why vintage will always remain timeless. But bear in mind, oversized jackets only apply to the ladies. Guys are better off sticking to their fitted tops that don’t make them look like ’80s rejects.

The White Shirt

Sue says: Girls can dress up or down with the white shirt. There’s an air of masculinity and androgyny about it, as it transcends various moods.
We say: Guys can also have a whole lot of fun with the white shirt. Paired with skinny pants, funky rings, necklaces and bracelets, it can be a killer look.


Sue says: Admittedly, the look is not for everyone, but it’s unexpected and different, especially if guys wear it. The sparkling effect adds a new dimension for men, while girls should aim for lots of embellishment if they’re really into it.
We say: This is bling, but with a feminine twist. Certainly not for the faint-hearted, the more adventurous will probably do well, but regular dressers should stay far, far away from to avoid looking like a belated Christmas tree.


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Wedding Crashers

Editor's Rating: 
Average: 4 (1 vote)
Owen Wilson
Vince Vaughn
Christopher Walken
Rachel McAdams
Directed By: 
David Dobkin

Here’s one comedy that you should be making a beeline for. David Dobkin’s stateside summer hit “Wedding Crashers,” featuring unsung comedy actors Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn as a pair of carefree and unscrupulous wedding crashers, is actually very, very funny. Indeed, their brilliant camaraderie and perfect comic timing are what make the film, alongside an outstanding supporting cast that includes Christopher Walken, Rachel McAdams, Bradley Cooper and Jane Seymour.

Opening Date: 
Fri, 2007-01-05
Running Time: 
Terry Ong

Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus

Editor's Rating: 
Average: 2.5 (1 vote)

What a waste that director Steven Shainberg, who last gave us the quirky black comedy Secretary in 2002, succumbs to a half-baked love story to drive its narrative in Fur, an imaginary portrait of the acclaimed late American photographer Diane Arbus (pronounced Dee-ann). Arbus’s tortured and conflicted life fascinated many, where she embraced the unattractive sides of life, exposing her very unbeautiful photography subjects (mostly freaks) to her uniquely frank gaze, while her marriage is falling apart.

Opening Date: 
Thu, 2007-01-11
Running Time: 
Terry Ong
Singapore Idol Hady Mirza needs no introduction. Having just released his self-titled first album and single “You Give Me Wings”, a hit on the local airwaves, we chat to the likeable singer about the things that matter to him in life—like his mom, family and the photos he collects.

What is your current state of mind?
At peace and quite at ease. It has been really fast over the past few months, but so far so good.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I didn’t really know what I wanted. My mom pictured me as a traffic police patroller, in the white uniform and on a 750cc bike. But I guess my passion for music showed a lot when I was young.

What is your biggest achievement?
My biggest achievement to date would be performing at the indoor stadium for the second time during the Singapore Idol final. Such a nice feeling.

What inspires you?
I think life itself inspires me. The emotions I go through in a day. The ups and downs. Being with my family and friends. They inspire me a lot as well as giving me encouragement.

What personal trait do you appreciate the most in others?
I think I like people most when they are funny. Laughter is the best medicine they say. I have some really funny and joker friends. They always make my day!

Do you have a cause or do you support one?
My immediate one would definitely be the local music industry. I would like for budding new artistes like me to make it good, not only locally but in the region as well. Just like what Stefanie Sun and others have been doing all this while: Making Singapore proud.

Which living person do you admire most and would like to invite for dinner?
I really admire Nadya Hutagalung a lot. I don’t know why though. She’s just someone that I always liked. Take her to dinner? Hmmm, that would be sweet!

What are you reading?
Currently I’m reading the Robbie Williams biography Facing The Ghosts. It was given to me by a fan.

How do you spend your Sunday mornings?
I love Sunday mornings. Sunday is a lazy day. Of course nowadays I always have something to do. But mornings are usually spent with my family. Having a big nice breakfast and watching TV because there are a lot of good shows on Sundays.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Spending hours on end playing PC games. I love Call of Duty. Now they’ve got a third one out. I’m gonna get me some!

How do you recharge?
I just simply go back home and stay in my room with the TV on. An episode of Little Britain always does the trick!

What’s playing in your iPod/MP3/CD player?
Padi’s Menanti Sebuah Jawaban.

What do you collect?
I collect photos. Photos equals memories. I’m quite a forgetful person.

Where would you like to live?

What is your favorite item of clothing?
I like jeans. They can be casual or smart at the same time. Very convenient.

What accessory sets you apart?
I think it’s my Letter H bling-bling that I put on my jacket. It’s diamante encrusted… and mom gave it to me.

What about you scares others?
I think it’s how fast I can have a mood change. From sulky to happy in a snap.

If you had to play a character in a movie, which movie and which character?
Bruce Willis in Die Hard for sure. A one man bare-footed army against terrorists in a high-rise building. It can’t get cooler than that, man.

What did you believe at 18 that you wish you still believed now?
I believed that people were more straightforward, innocent and honest.


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