Still clueless on what’s hot and what’s not for the New Year? Just follow these close-to-season style trends that won’t go wrong.

We hear you—you’re sick of buying that rock ‘n’ roll-inspired tee that’s no longer trendy, as well that balloon skirt that screams “fashion victim!” Fret not, as we’ve sussed out the latest close-to-season style trends (read: over the next three months) that you simply must know about, with a little help from Senior Fashion Editor Sue Evans, who helms the online research and trend analysis fashion website (short for Worth Global Style Network). From glorious sequins to the boyfriend jacket (you heard us right) to modern romance, these key looks will set you straight for the New Year.


Sue says: Sportswear remains very functional and comfortable, so you can’t wrong with it this year. It speaks of dressing up, the modern way, but if you want to be trendy, look for pieces that are white or silver in color, or anything bright.
We say: This is where men can look good without trying too hard. Pair a Y-3 jacket and trousers with an Adidas sneakers, and you’re good to go.


Sue says: The look is very modern and futuristic. Think streamlined, clean shades, but with a dose of silver, white and other bright tinges too.
We say: You can’t go wrong with this pared-down look which can easily take you from the office to parties. Besides, it’s all about looking fuss-free this year, and what better way to start off the New Year with a clean slate. Brands to look out for include APC and Woods and Woods.

Modern Romance

Sue says: Think lace, ruffles and organza parka, but with a modern twist. Worn with a sportswear jacket, you’ll look pretty yet, well, sporty.
We say: Girly and whimsical, this is definitely one of the best trends for the year. Get the look from high-street labels like Topshop, GAP and Mango.

The Boyfriend Jacket

Sue says: This is a trend straight from the ’80s, and with shoulder pads to boot. It’s a completely new look for the season that will change the silhouette, especially when worn with leggings or mini skirts.
We say: This is why vintage will always remain timeless. But bear in mind, oversized jackets only apply to the ladies. Guys are better off sticking to their fitted tops that don’t make them look like ’80s rejects.

The White Shirt

Sue says: Girls can dress up or down with the white shirt. There’s an air of masculinity and androgyny about it, as it transcends various moods.
We say: Guys can also have a whole lot of fun with the white shirt. Paired with skinny pants, funky rings, necklaces and bracelets, it can be a killer look.


Sue says: Admittedly, the look is not for everyone, but it’s unexpected and different, especially if guys wear it. The sparkling effect adds a new dimension for men, while girls should aim for lots of embellishment if they’re really into it.
We say: This is bling, but with a feminine twist. Certainly not for the faint-hearted, the more adventurous will probably do well, but regular dressers should stay far, far away from to avoid looking like a belated Christmas tree.


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