More indie fashion boutiques are cropping up all over town. Here are seven more to check out.

It seems that more and more shoppers are going boutique, and no less than seven indie boutiques have opened over the past three months. Following the success of stalwarts Antipodean, Felt, Asylum, Front Row and Venue, boutique operators are confident that their shops will take off. “The (boutique) experience is very different from shopping in a mall,” says Asylum’s Chris Lee, who is also the man behind Fred Perry Laurel Shop, the new fashion boutique in Ann Siang Road. “Most people still hang out in malls because it’s more convenient...but people who shop in boutiques know that there’s an experience that they can never find in a mall. I think there’s a lot of charm in being small, knowing that what you own is a little more exquisite than other mass produced stuff out there.”

Déjà Vu Vintage’s Kelly Yeo agrees. “Our customers treasure exclusivity and individuality,” she states. “The fashion forward appreciate that there’s no danger of the ‘turning up in the same dress’ syndrome when they shop in boutiques. And they enjoy style that truly expresses their individuality.”

With that in mind, I-S checks out what’s in store from the latest indie boutiques in town.

Black Clover

Where? #03-17 Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Rd., 6732-8221.
What Style? A colorful mix of dresses, girly tops, and vintage accessories and bags.
What’s in Store? With more than 200 unique items sourced by partners Yvonne Tan and Serene Chiang, Black Clover is a refreshing find. The store is spacious and clothes are well-stocked and displayed. Vintage furniture is used to showcase the accessories, adding to its old-world charm.
Hot Buys: Blouses and dresses from Hong Kong label An Old Story, which are made from vintage fabrics and priced from an affordable $25, are the main draw here. The many vintage bags, bangles and brooches here, from just $19, are flying off the shelves, too.


Where? 61 Haji Lane, 6297-9886.
What Style? Vintage-styled dresses and blouses, with accessories and vintage belts and bags thrown in for good measure.
What’s in Store? Those who are familiar with its sister store COL at Far East Plaza will know what they’re in for. Clothes are well-stocked and packed to the brim, while the store’s unfinished setting, which comes replete with a deconstructed (read: Untouched) ceiling, add to its quirky touch.
Hot Buys: Accessories are from $13.90-32.90, while dresses are $29-150. Look out for the gorgeous vintage black sling bags at an affordable $79.

Déjà Vu Vintage

Where? #03-12A Mandarin Gallery, 330 Orchard Rd., 6333-6630.
What Style? Strictly one-off vintage pieces, from bags to dresses to accessories to shades, from Japan and the UK.
What’s in Store? The shop, which started out as a pushcart in Far East Square, has come a long way. Today, Déjà Vu Vintage boasts an inviting and minimalist atmosphere. The boutique is dressed with urban-retro style furniture, including a groovy Eye Chair and a bright halogen Grape Light, vintage fabrics, antique deer clothes hangers in the dressing rooms and a sprinkling of other animals and quirky décor to up its hip factor. Clothes are well-arranged according to style and color.
Hot Buys: Prices start from $10 for accessories and $49 for a top to under $500 for a ball gown.

Fred Perry Laurel Shop

Where? 19 Ann Siang Rd., 6325-3018.
What Style? Fred Perry polo tees, dresses and more for boys and girls.
What’s in Store? The 1,200 sq. ft. store boasts a raw design and old furniture in the spirit of guerilla stores. The walls are clean and are painted with pale turquoise color, so that the focus falls on the clothes.
Hot Buys: Look out for premium pieces like the Comme des Garçons collaborations with Fred Perry, as well as the classic collection. Prices range from $100-200 for footwear and classics, to $300-400 for more premium pieces.

My Room

Where? #04-106 Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Rd., 6235-9469.
What Style? Similar to Black Clover, My Room is a haven for girls who like their clothes pretty and girly. Most blouses and skirts are made in Hong Kong, with vintage pieces imported from Europe and the US.
What’s in Store? Softly lit and inviting, My Room works like, well, a private room for girls (with a huge dressing room to boot) so that customers can gather and have a small party of sorts while they shop. Clothes are also sparsely displayed, ensuring the shopping experience here remains luxe and exclusive.
Hot Buys: The vintage bags here are especially hot, like the Aigner piece which is going for $125. Tops are from $29.90-69.90, while dresses are $49.90-129.


Where? 11 Haji Lane, 9732-2944.
What Style? Streamlined and trendy pieces imported from Hong Kong and Bangkok.
What’s in Store? The décor is also clean
and whitewashed, with clothes elegantly displayed, ensuring that they are the main focus here. Upcoming Hong Kong labels like Latte and St. Paul are tastefully placed alongside accessories label MossStories from Bangkok.
Hot Buys: The blouses and jackets are simple and chic, with prices from $119-289. Upcoming local designer Harry Halim’s pieces will be stocked here soon.


Where? #03-16 The Heeren Shops, 290 Orchard Rd., 6734-4055.
What Style? The collection consists mostly of flirty styles in opal silk and beaded flowery prints. There is also a mix of cotton/linen pieces that is reminiscence of the ’60s such as mini dress with appliqués, topped off with printed knit dresses with a retro vibe.
What’s in Store? Without a doubt the most alluring store at The Heeren, UENO boasts a gorgeous and intimate space, replete with comfy chairs and a chandelier. This is a must for those who like a personalized shopping experience, topped with quality clothes fused with intricate details.
Hot Buys: The sexy dresses, like the beaded empire dress, are a must. And priced between $89-149, they’re pretty affordable too.


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