Valentine’s has snuck up on us once again. Whether gift giving is your love language or not, it’s expected to do something a little extra on Valentine’s Day. For those looking for last minute presents, BK has gathered a list of Thai brands to impress your Valentine (and don’t worry, it won’t just be chocolates and teddy bears). And don’t forget to check out our big list of Valentine’s Day events around Bangkok. 

Imperfectly Perfect Flowers

As Miranda Priestly famously said “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” Yeah, a bouquet of roses for Valentine’s is pretty cliche, but if you’re going to go for some traditional wooing, you better do it right. Imperfectly Perfect Flowers delivers fresh blooms and an exclusive Valentine’s day arrangement, standing out with their trendy, customizable wrapping.


You can’t go wrong with a perfect piece of chocolate cake from Babycakes. Recently opening another flagship store at the new Emsphere, these insta-ready treats are addictive. You can also personalize the text on the cake design for some inside jokes or sweet messages. 

Cheese n Wine

Planning on having a romantic night in? Every year, Cheese n Wine links up with an artist for a Valentine’s day special. This year, customers can select their wine and send reference pictures for local talent “Nanzo” to draw French-inspired cartoon illustrations on the customizable wine label. If you want to go all out, there’s also an on-going collaboration with Petals and Pen Studio to deliver the bottle alongside a box of flowers.


Rising to global recognition after Carrie Bradshaw wore their “cluster floret ring” in the “Sex and the City” reboot, the Thai jewelry brand Pacharee has been releasing classy accessories like bespoke initials which have already been spotted on Thai celebs and international sensation like Peggy Gou. It’s a no-brainer gift for the fashion and pop culture enthusiasts in your life.


Debuting collections at Dubai Fashion Week, Pipatchara is making headlines with their innovative and eco-conscious “Infinitude” line of products. Made entirely from upcycled orphaned plastics, their products could range from date night outfits to everyday essentials. 

Chuadi Bags

We all know that one person in our lives who refuses to buy a new wallet and holds their coins in glorified ziplock bags. Well the time has come to give that up and trade it in for an old fashion leather wallet from Chaudi Bags. For a personal touch, you can carve out initials on the side.

Whisper Kandle

Nothing screams romance more than a candle lit dinner. If you want to get the candle aspect out of the way, consider some naturally made soy wax candles with aesthetically pleasing packaging and intriguing scents from Whisper Kandle. Right on theme, we recommend the “Rose of Whisper” scent which has notes of rose, violet, peach, and musk.


Speaking of alluring aromas, we’ve got to suggest this homegrown brand from the mind of perfume enthusiast and guru Borom “Pipe” Vichyadachar. His debut “Textile Collection” is inspired by nine fabrics and the people who you’d picture wearing them. Best-selling scents like “Naked Satin” and “Mysterious Wool” are very on-theme for Valentine’s and might just be a thoughtful gift for those seeking a niche signature scent.


Audiophiles listen up! This local turned international brand has been pumping out high quality lifestyle and technological music gadgets since 2016. Gadhouse is most recognized for their retro inspired record players with modern day functions. They’ve also worked with artists such as Honne and Polycat for exclusive designs.

Chambre du Treasure

Having regular pop ups at art fairs and local creative communities like Galileoasis and The Hop Bangkok, Chambre du Treasure is where you go for some quirky vintage prints, home decor, second hand books, and clothes. Your gifts definitely won’t be a repeat of past sweethearts. 

Spacebar Zine

The independent publisher and zine producer Spacebar Zine Studio reopened their brick and mortar store at the end of 2023. Lining the shelves with local and international work across multiple mediums, this is a heaven for the artistic type.


V-day isn’t just about humans. If the love of your life is your pet, who’s to say that you can’t give them the ultimate celebration? Brute Hause is a lifestyle and premium grade dog treat brand that’s doing a pop-up fine dining experience cheekily titled “Bone a Pet Treat”. Hit up this adorable event for a memorable meal with your furry friends and your pet partner.


Time to update your couple pic and annoy everyone on your IG grid. Pop into the chic photobooth’s flagship store at Lido or check out the other locations around the city for some out of the box mini photoshoot sessions with your loved ones.

Dreamhouse Massage Spa

Searching for a Valentine’s gift or activity might seem more like a chore than a celebration. Instead of leaning into the pressures of the holiday, book yourself and your special someone a relaxing spa session. Afterall, Valentine’s will land right in the middle of the week this year, so it might be prime time to get all the knots out before facing the rest of the work days.