Hey, doggos can be foodies too—apparently. When Brute Hause, a business that caters premium grade dog treats, came up with the pop-up fine dining “Bone a Pet Treat” project, it created something pet lovers didn’t know they needed: a special experience for good boys and girls everywhere. 
Photo: Bone a Pet Treat fine dining courses / Brute Hause
The six-course tasting menu is set in a private studio. Highlights include roast beef, croquettes, and liver pate on gingerbread (which is a collaboration with Storge, another top notch brand selling baked goods for dogs). 
There’s also a photobooth zone where dog parents can dress up their pups and snap some wholesome pics. This started as a Christmas exclusive but due to its popularity, the project is extending the festive edition to the end of March, 2024. Future projects will feature seasonal menus and might include activities like pet yoga and catering for kitties as well. 
Photo credit: Mha Song Bai / Brute Hause
You won’t have missed the treating-pets-like-people trend in recent years. Owners treat their pets like family members—and that means getting the best food and treatment for their babies. 
“Around 80-90% of our customers are LGBTQ+ and the rest are straight couples who don’t want kids,” Preedachanok “Puff” Somprasert, co-founder and creative director of Brute Hause tells BK. “It’s like you’ve tried out this experience, and you want your pets to share it too.”
When it comes to running a pet business, there are a lot of details to consider. For one, different breeds come with different requirements. But Bone A Pet Treat will have a recommended portions so the doggos won’t overeat and can still take away the treats to enjoy later. 
Photo: @iam.calorie, @tama.theshiba / Instagram
The look and feel of everything needs to live up to the fine dining standards, after all, that’s what the pups and parents are here for. 
“There are certain things that humans can ingest but dogs can’t, like fried food,” Puff explains. “When we make the croquettes, we avoid the cooking method but we still wanted it to look crispy. So we cover the outside with cornflakes and bake them instead.” 
Having studied production design and owning a beachwear brand called Cote d'Soleil, Puff noticed that the pet market has a high social engagement. 
“It’s such a close knit community. If someone adopts a dog from the same pack, they’ll keep in touch so the dogs can still hang out together,” Puff says. “There’s a lot of pet-friendly places but some of them only give the pets one dish, they’ll have to remain on a separate floor, or be in a trolley.” 
Puff remarks that Bone a Pet Treat “focuses on caring and providing happiness for the pet.”
Photo: Pet Market / Brute Hause
For those who want a trial run, Brute Hause is doing a pop up at the Emsphere Pet Market which will last until Jan 31, 10am-9pm. Here, they’ve made some virgin cocktails for owners and pets to enjoy by the venue’s picnic garden. They also have a photo booth inside a caravan with frames designed by pet influencers. The event will have treats for your furry friends and you can scope out some pups looking for a permanent home.
Bone a Pet Treat bookings, here.