For its third collaboration with Dubai Fashion Week, Pipatchara was invited back as the opener for the sustainable fashion brand runway. Showcasing its spring/ summer 2024 collection, the homegrown label highlights practices of uplifting local communities and using recycled materials. 
The brand is the brainchild of the Kaeojinda sisters, designer Pipatchara “Petch” and Jitrinee “Tubtim” who oversees the sustainable side of the business. 
“The Infinitude collection has been in the developing stage since 2020. It took a while to perfect because we exclusively want to source waste from households, not factories,” Petch tells BK Magazine. “The colors of each tab are also based on the original hues. That’s why some colorways are more difficult to produce than others.” 
Last year, Pipatchara struck gold twice. First, when their macrame weavings and leather work came to the spotlight as actress Anne Hathaway was spotted holding their signature “mini amu” bag. Then, their Infinitude collection made of recycled orphan plastics received unprecedented attention due to the chain of colorful geometrical tabs, sparking a line of tantalizing bags, shoes, and clothing pieces.

Photo: Pipatchara Infinitude Collection / Courtesy
This particular collection is what initially caught the attention of the Dubai Fashion Week team and brought about their first show last October. 
“Dubai is the perfect place to showcase these collections because it is one of the centers of luxury fashion brands. I want shoppers to realize that we can create valuable items from this waste and even take them to the luxury market,” Petch says.
Photo: Pipatchara Flower Motif Infinitude Collection / Courtesy
For its spring/summer 2024 collection, Pipatchara aims to make the items more suitable for mixing and matching and everyday use. The work introduced flower motifs into the brand DNA and then to the Infinitude collection.
“We don’t want to follow trends and create something entirely new every single season. Instead, we want to show what technologies, materials, and communities we developed and improved through the years. From a business perspective, maintaining signature designs also helps it become more recognizable.” 
For those interested in this collection, Pipatchara will open its first flagship store in the new Emsphere mall, G Floor, on Dec 1, 2023. It’s an opportunity to get customisable pieces, but in the meantime customers can browse their items online