Longtime customer at Bangklyn Project and Chao Chan, Oak Sarisut tells us why he’s so fond of vintage and secondhand goods.

How did your love for vintage start?
Like everybody else, my preference changes over time, until one day [about four years ago] I became obsessed with clothes made in the USA, and started collecting ever since. I believe that apparel that has lasted this long and is still wearable is truly high quality. Most brands have stopped doing their own production and have products that are made elsewhere. The result is that they’ve become too profit-oriented and there’s less concern for quality.

What are the coolest items you’ve ever bought?
I once got a chance to go to New York and buy this antique aluminum chair from the famous John Gluckow’s warehouse and a 1900 toilet banner from another collector. I’m kind of proud to own those.

Don’t you feel weird that your stuff has been worn by other people?
I don’t care about that. I think it’s pretty cool that these things have come a long way, and that they’re from a specific time in history.

Any tips for newbie vintage addicts?
Let your character show in your style—don’t copy anyone. A bit of research and study will save you from being tricked into buying low quality products.

We hear you’re starting your own brand.
Since I’ve been seriouslystudying, wearing and collecting clothes, I have learned about mistakes made by other brands. I want to make clothes that are like what I’m looking for, especially in terms of style and material. My partner and I named it Flagman & Fellowship. The concept is classic daily wear and I’m definitely going to use materials that will make my products last really long. Who knows, maybe one day, in fifty years, my clothes might become rare vintage finds that make every collector drool.