Work From Home, Earn $$$!

Have you ever seen some of the ploys to get you working from home, most of which involve a lot of people and guarantee a boatload of money? If you’re like us, you may have wondered whether or not these claims are true. Well, Kit Chanyaprasert is someone who actually did get rich from working at home…and wrote a book to prove it. Two, actually. The author of Get Rich on eBay (Ruay Duay eBay) and Get Rich on eBay: Advanced claims to have become well off from his exploits on the online auction site. And he vows that if he can do it, you can, too. He has now organized a seminar called Ruay Duay eBay which starts you off on the online merchandising gambit. Seminars vary in levels of experience from eBay pro classes to absolute beginners. Prices run B3,000-4,000 (9am-5pm with lunch and snacks). Seminars take place at Rajabhat Suan Dusit University on May 24 and 28. More details at or 01-496-8804.

Slim and Sexy TVs

No more big, bold TVs in our stylish lives. The Korean brand Samsung has just launched a series of anorexic audio-visual (AV) products to suit our low carb lifestyles.

Among the modish generation, Samsung R7 LCD TV is the finest with screen sizes of 26, 32, and 40 inches. These sexy screens cost B59,900, B79,900, and B119,900 respectively.

If LCD screens are a bit too sexy for you, maybe you’d rather try the Slim Fit. Samsung Z40 SlimFit TV is one-third slimmer than your normal flatscreen TV. It also offers a higher definition picture in comparison to plasma and LCD TVs and comes at a much more affordable price: 32, 29, and 21 inch screen SlimFit models cost B37,990, B13,990, and B6,990 respectively.

In case, you are the sporty type, The Samsung Q7 Plasma TV might be your best choice because it enhances clear and vivid moving images with the highest possible contrast of colors. Just in time for World Cup, these gargantuan screens are available in 42 inch (B109,900) and 50 inch (B199,900) sizes.

The Italian Job

Long-time favorite Italian brand Francesco Biasia has just launched its new store in Bangkok’s premier shopping nexus, The Emporium. This store debuts with the summer collections from some of the best loved designers. Coco Décor’s summer line is inspired by African colors and cultures, while Tropical Chic’s is derived from Brazilian rhythms. 1/F, The Emporium, off Sukhumvit Soi 24, 02-259-8979.


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