Check out these Facebook stores­—pages that allow you to order the latest fashion without leaving your favorite website.

With more than 100,000 fans, you can’t say this Facebook store isn’t popular. That’s partly down to the hip owner, House, the guitarist in the band Slur, but mostly thanks to an expansive collection of cool, vintage-style glasses at tempting prices that start from just B890. They now have shoes, socks and accessories, too.

The Kasama Shop
Kusuma, a creative at an advertising agency, started off by selling her own thrift store finds, before the hot vintage trend in the US inspired her to retail retro yet stylish men’s items, from shirts to shoes. She sells a mix of used and brand new items from big brands including Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren, Prada and Calvin Klein.

A business graduate turned her lucky number, eight, into the core inspiration for her somewhat octogonal designs. The results are bags and clutches in asscher and emerald-cut shapes in several colors.

The Rocking Dog
Founded by a couple, The Rocking Dog retails rustic-style leather bags in different sizes and types, from messenger to wallets, with minor dog-inspired details in honor of their beloved Siberian huskies. With items generally under B4,000, prices are nothing to be barked at, too. But all items are handmade so you’ll need to wait at least 2-3 weeks.

Crayon Couture
The goods:
Women’s wear for work days or special events that call for a more dressed-up look. Easy to wear and to mix and match, the style is very feminine—think pleated skirts and tops with touches of lace.
The seller: They just launched their first collection a month ago, but are very responsive to comments and inquiries. We like how they regularly post mix and match looks as a way to interact with customers.
The deal:
1. Copy the product code below the photo of your desired item and paste it on their wall page.
2. Seller will confirm the payment in your inbox.
3. Confirm the payment transfer to seller’s inbox with payment amount, payment date and time, name and surname, address, e-mail and contact number.
4. Items will be sent seven days after date of payment.

The goods:
Original designs in the form of jewelry for working women, plus some black and gold numbers for a night out. Their earrings and rings come in a variety of styles, from Art Déco to crafts. Plus, they will soon be launching their first clothing collection.
The seller: Crossdoff started as the marketing project of four Thammasat students which they then turned into an actual business. It has been on Facebook for a year.
The deal:
1. Place your comment below any item you like along with your e-mail address.
2. The seller will e-mail you back the total amount and an account number. This includes shipping by EMS.
3. Confirm payment to the seller’s inbox with the following details: payment amount, payment date and time, name and surname, address, e-mail and contact number.

The goods:
Leather luggage in bright colors, weekend travel bags and shoulder bags for everyday wear— Bachop has it all, and they also do classic colors if you’re not ready to rock a bright yellow tote.
The seller: Bag lovers who went from hobbyists to quitting their day jobs to run this page full time. Very responsive to inquiries.
The deal:
1. After a new item is posted, pre-order stays open for 10 days.
2. Message the seller and wait for their confirmation with payment amount and account details.
3. Confirm the payment transfer to the seller’s Facebook inbox with payment amount, payment date and time, name and surname, address, e-mail and contact number.

Eazy Pre-Order
The goods:
Brand name imports ranging from gorgeous Chanel bags to H&M ballet flats and Super sunglasses.
The seller: Friendly and passionate, the fashionistas behind Eazy Pre-Order have acquired a lot of trust from their clients and respond very quickly to questions.
The deal:
1. Eazy Pre-Order is a “person” according to Facebook, not a “page.” So you’ll have to friend them before you can even browse their products.
2. Eazy Pre-Order brings in goods based on your order. The goods aren’t in Thailand. So first you’re going to have to go through their pictures and pick what you’d like them to import.
3. Copy the URL of the item’s picture and send it to the seller’s email at
4. Wait for the seller to confirm the payment amount.
5. Transfer 50% of the total amount. When the product finally arrives, the seller will send more photos of your item for confirmation and ask for the second half of the payment.
4. Send in the final 50% and wait for delivery.

Happy Go Lucky
The goods:
Korean-inspired girly t-shirts, cardigans, dresses, jeans, accessories and shoes.
The seller: They own a shop in Platinum Fashion Mall and created their own website and Facebook page to offer their clients alternative ways to shop. Note: they’re closing December 2011. Hurry!
The deal:
1. Browse items on the Facebook page and then make your order through
2. Choose your item and press “Add to cart.”
3. Pay your total amount via Paypal or bank transfer.
4. The seller will confirm all details via e-mail.
5. Items will be delivered within four days after payment.

The goods:
A girly selection of long blazers, chiffon dresses and oversized shirts, all designed and produced by De-Veen.
The seller: A group of fashion loving girls who opened their clothing shop in Siam Square before going online.
The deal:
1. Place the order by posting the desired products on their Facebook wall.
2. The seller will confirm your order and total amount by inbox message.
3. Pay by bank transfer, and forward the confirmation details to the sellers inbox along with your address and contact info. Payment must be made within three business days.

Parallel Apparel
The goods:
Striped unisex t-shirts with both short and long sleeves in a variety of colors. They also do some long striped dresses.
The seller: These stripe-addicts have been on Facebook for a year now, and can be spotted at artsy festivals around town.
The deal:
1. Leave a comment on your item of choice with your email, or email your order to
2. Wait for the total amount and seller’s account number so you can make a bank transfer.
3. Send an inbox message to the seller with the details of your processed bank transfer, address, and contact info. The product will then be shipped.

The goods:
In addition to their street wear house brand, this shop imports limited edition and hard-to-find products from across the globe: shoes, watches, iPod cases—you name it. The product range is somewhere between hipster, hip hop and indie, if there really is a difference anymore.
The seller: Running a Siam Square brick and mortar store in addition to the online storefront can cause a little delay on the back end, but they stock stuff that no one else does.
The deal: Send in your order by using the “Contact Us” form and then receive order confirmation through email and SMS. Pay and your order will be shipped.

Err-or Design
The goods:
Arguably the freshest designs from Bangkok’s most respected graphic design collective. Err-or produces T-shirts featuring designs inspired by Bangkok, Thai politics and every aspect of urban lifestyle.
The seller: The FB-commerce version of the popular Siam Square based shop allows a hands-off approach to processing, so no back and forth communication is required.
The deal: Using a seamless e-commerce plug-in, this Facebook shop is virtually its own online store with all the commerce capabilities to boot. Just fill your cart and checkout as you would on any online shopping site.

The Hair Shop
The goods:
Hair extension products and full-on wigs made of plastic or real human hair. They come in an assortment of colors.
The seller: Actress and model Bowie Atthama opened her business just six months ago, and says it is an easy way to get this sort of beauty product without having to go into the depths Pratunam.
The deal: Check out the pictures on the website, and send your order via Facebook, email, or call her directly. You can pay by credit card or transfer the money to her account. Orders usually get delivered within 3-4 days.