December is the holiday season and you are allowed to start guilt-free drinking on a Tuesday night. It’s not a problem, it’s festive.
Stan Andruskevic of Ms. Jigger of Kimpton Maa-Lai is taking over Sukhumvit Soi 45’s Iron Balls Palour tonight (Dec 13), followed by Suwincha “Chacha” Singsuwan be taking over Sathorn’s new Mezcal Bar tomorrow night (Dec 14).
Tonight, Andruskevic is whipping up four cocktails, starting with Don’t Order This (B350), a simple but spirit-forward mix of Flor de Cana 12 Years rum with yuzu syrup and lemongrass syrup. Next is Golden Bee (B350), Flor de Cana 12 Years rum with cacao nibs, Sloe gin, golden tamarind syrup, and lemon juice.
Highball lovers can opt for the Bitter Highball (B420), a Flor de Cana rum highball with Fever Tree light tonic but the interesting part is the addition of Fernet Branca (an Italian amaro) and passionfruit syrup topped with plum dust. Last but not least is the Siam Milk Punch (B350): bourbon, Thai tea-infused Campari, Amaretto, lemon juice, lod chong nam krati (Thai coconut milk dessert) syrup, and Thai milk tea.
And for tomorrow night, head over to Mezcal for Chacha’s special drinks. Chacha, who recently opened a pop-up bar on Rama 4, will be serving three drinks that include this simple but aromatic and smokey Pear and Fermented Wine (B390), a mix of Mezcal, pear, fermented wine, and pine. 
Smokey Milk (B390) is a fun and smoky take on Clarified Milk Punch with mezcal, pear, vinegar sugar apple, and clarified milk. Another on the menu for the night is more daring— the Mezcaltini (Mezcal, dry vermouth, pear, and PX Sherry, B410).
The steampunk gin joint Iron Balls Parlour is a long-time Bangkok favorite and Mezcal in Sathorn is the latest spot for lovers of tequila and tacos, opening in September this year.