1. All the juiciest gossip happens on Kakao Talk. 

Seems like Korea is still trending. 


2. Although the show is now set in Bangkok, the main characters are still called Serena (Witjitrakul)...  

Blair (Waranon)...

Dan (Chanaseri)...

and Nate (Achirawatchara)...

But Chuck Bass is gone. He's now Jak Benjakitti.




3. The action still takes place at the fictional Constance Billard and St. Jude's. 



4. Ex-rockstar step-dad Rufus is now Jo.


5. Eleanor Waldorf is now Araya, who owns the fashion brand ARAYA. 


6. Despite all the hate, everyone agreed that Kantana picked the right Lily.  


7. The main characters previously appeared on The Face Thailand...

Which is probably why many of us question their acting skills. 


8. Seems like W Bangkok is The Empire.


9. The original Nate actually got booted out... 

Cos honestly, who can compete with Chace Crawford? 


10. In fact, so did most of the original costumes. 

Zalora Thailand? Hmmm.

OK, they do have some love for Jimmy Choo, Paul Smith and Loree Rodkin, too. 


11. There will be a lot of promiscuity, which is why the series will air at 11:20pm, once a week.

Wait... isn't Blair, like, 16? 

This also means the raunchiest scenes will be shown on its official smartphone application (available on IOS and Android


12. Blair's slumber party took place at Narz.

How classy. 


13. The hippie, exotic Vanessa (aka Sa) comes from Rayong. 

Guess that's the equivalent of Vermont? 

But wait--we just heard that she's ALSO being replaced.



14. Everyone knows by now that Opal voices Gossip Girl. 


15. This will probably be your reaction once the first episode airs...

Though some lonely boys (and girls) out there will still enjoy it nevertheless.


16. But you know you'll end up watching it anyway.


Here's a teaser of Ep. 1: