The strange short films of Beam Wong include Huu and Flummoxed Cocoon, which Dhyan Ho, one of the co-founders of the Bangkok Underground Film Festival, called "a nod to weird '80s sci-fi, fantasy, comic—Cronenberg-esque stuff.”


Takashi Miike 

Beam says: "Cult films which are all super insane. Try Ichi the Killer and Gozu. Although both films are known for violence, Takashi makes it seem light or funny with jokes and a distinctive atmosphere."


Wisit Sasanatieng

Beam says: "I love Citizen Dog. When I was very young, I watched it repeatedly without really understanding why. Besides the weird romantic parts, the deadpan jokes are a main charm of Citizen Dog. Wisit has influenced the way I focus on the atmosphere of my films instead of trying to create the symbols with hidden messages."


David Lynch

Beam says: "I love how gloomy his films are. And I love that he always takes his audience to the unexpected and inexplicable end of all things. I like the way he tells the stories like he’s leading us by the hand on an extraordinary journey. For example, Blue Velvet (1986) at first glance looks like any other suspense film, but as the story evolves you find yourself caught in the middle of a haunting story."


David Cronenberg

Beam says: "I admire his genius for body horror. I like the atmosphere he creates, kind of nightmarish and surreal with a touch of sci-fi. I’m in love with Videodrome [1983]."


Tsai Ming-liang

Beam says: "This is the only director whose work I’ve seen in its entirety. He is my biggest influence and inspiration. I love his intensity of atmosphere. His plotting is quite light, but the expression of feelings is strong and intense. Although his films contain elements and techniques of any other art film—static shots and slow storytelling—I still feel like everything is extraordinary: absurd, lonely and humorous."