This Jun 8-14, the Thai Film Archive, a public organization which helps promote cinema culture in Thailand, hosts the fourth edition of its Silent Film Festival in Thailand. 

Celebrating the best of the silent film era (1895-1936), this year's festival features nine different movies: Destiny (Germany, 1921), The Mask of Zorro (USA, 1920), Underground (UK, 1928), The Informer (UK, 1929), Faust (Germany, 1926), Arsenal (Ukraine, 1929), Our Pet (USA, 1924), Chushingura (Japan, 1926), and The Freshman (USA, 1925).

The organizers have also lined up professional pianists to play live during each screening, including Neil Brand (UK), Ayumi Kamiya (Japan), Christopher Janwong McKiggan (Thailand) and Gandhi Wasuvitchayagit (Thailand).

In a nod to Japanese benshi tradition, in which live performers narrate silent films, the festival has also brought in revered benshi artist Ichiro Kataoka for the screening of Chushingura (see below).

The Silent Film Festival comes at a great time for film festivals in Bangkok, with 2017 having so far seen the European Union Film Festival and the Bangkok Underground Film Festival.

Tickets for all screenings are B120 and all films are screened with Thai and English subtitles.

For the movie schedule, go to

Take a closer look at some highlights below:

THe Mask of Zorro (USA)

Genre: Action-Romance

From the hands of Fred Niblo, this is a classic heroic tale of the man behind the mask, Zorro, who disguises himself as an idiotic fop in order to protect his identity while bringing justice to the town.


Underground (UK)

Genre: Drama

Anthony Asquith’s Underground features romantic stories in ordinary Londoners’ lives in the London Underground.


Faust (Germany)

Genre: Horror-Fantasy

This classic is the last German film of F.W. Murnau, about a bet between Mephisto the demon and an Archangel.


Chushingura (Japan)

Genre: Drama-Action

This classic details the story of the 47 ronin (masterless samurai) who seek revenge for their dead master. The screening of this film will be Benshi-style.