The reality culinary competition that brings you television's most memorable and memeable tantrums from celebrity chef slash host Gordon Ramsay—“Hell’s Kitchen”—is finally having an original Thai spin off. 
The show, “Hell’s Kitchen Thailand” is set to be helmed by nutrition expert and chef Kwantip “Pom” Devakula and Singaporean chef Wilment Leong who owns the Thailand Culinary Academy. Both have a CV full of judging localized international cooking series. 
The production team tells BK that Hell’s Kitchen Thailand is set to premiere on February, 2024, airing on Channel 7 HD.
The show’s workplace nightmare typically starts off by dividing contestants into two groups and pushing the aspiring chefs through a blend of goofy and anxiety-inducing challenges. The guilty pleasure is filled with contestant drama hitting commercial-friendly boiling points and hot-tempered celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay showering the hopeful underlings in a flurry of profanity-laden insults—bonus points if utensils or food is thrown.
For those keen on being a part of the HK hall of fame, the casting call for Hell’s Kitchen Thailand is open from now until November 26, 2023. Prospective contestants must be over 18 years old and be a national citizen or resident of Thailand. In terms of culinary skills, the program is accepting chefs from all levels of experience. 
Hopefuls must create a 5-10 minute video with an introduction and respond to these questions: “Why do you love cooking? Why do you want to compete in this program?” Contestants must also film themselves showing off cooking and presentation skills and submit the video via Hell’s Kitchen Thailand official Facebook inbox or Line.
“The judges panel are looking for contestants who are determined, passionate, and have a dream of opening their very own restaurant,” Hell’s Kitchen Thailand Team informs BK.
The reality TV is licensed by Heliconia H Group who now own hit cooking franchises like “MasterChef Thailand” and “TOP CHEF Thailand.” For more information, call 090-898-9000 (9am-7pm).

In other Gordon Ramsay news, the chef’s restaurant group announced last month that they plan to open 14 venues in Thailand in the coming years in a partnership with Tanachira Group—a Thailand-based lifestyle and retail brand. Two will launch in December at the as-yet unfinished Emsphere mega-mall in Phrom Phong.