The most hateable bourgeoisie on TV not named Kardashian could come to the Land of Smiles if the creator’s recent holiday is anything to go by. 

The theories began swirling when the show’s writer and creator Mike White sent a video of himself on a Thailand beach on Monday—ostensibly on vacation—to Evan Ross Kat, who Tweeted in response, “Not Mike all but confirming WHITE LOTUS: THAILAND in this video lol.” A "lol" indeed, but it was enough grist for this particular rumor mill. 

The show writer may well just be on holiday, but some have suggested the third season of HBO’s White Lotus may be set at a Four Seasons property, and, if Mike White’s video is anything to go by, Four Seasons Samui is the most likely. 

Previous seasons have been island-based, but there is no reason to think the fictional hotel brand can’t be in the jungles of the north or our very own sin city.  Four Seasons was reached for comment and said no filming was currently ongoing. A source tells BK that other locations are being scouted for the show as well. Fingers crossed. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the HBO original program (spoilers), a hotel manager in Hawaii did a number two in a suitcase and then that woman from Two Broke Girls went all John Wick on a yacht. In short, rich people are terrible.