Returning for its second edition this Apr 22-26, Bangkok ASEAN Film Festival hosts free screenings of 10 award-winning movies from across the ASEAN region. The eclectic selection combines drama, comedy, action and documentary films which reflect important social issues and cultural ideas from each country.

Here’s a look at what's in store...

Distance (Thailand, China, Singapore)
Directed by Sivaroj Kongsakul

Romance/Drama. Using three narratives set across three countries, this film explores long-distance relationships between couples in Thailand, China and Singapore, and how changes in environment affect their bond. The film featured in Taiwan’s 52nd Golden Horse Awards in 2015.

A Copy of My Mind (Indonesia)
Directed by Joko Anwar

Drama. A female salon worker falls in love with a pirated DVD salesman in the midst of a changing economy as Indonesia undergoes a turbulent presidential election. The film was nominated for Best Film in the 2015 Venice International Film Festival and screened at Toronto International Film Festival and Busan International Film Festival.

Yasmine (Brunei)
Directed by Siti Kamaluddin and Chan Man Ching

Action. A young woman determined to be a silat (martial arts) champion must overcome conflicts with her father and best friends who stand in the way of her dreams. The movie was awarded Best Asian Film at the Swiss-based Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival.

Above It All (Laos)
Directed by Anysay Keola

Drama. Under pressure to marry a rich woman, a young medical graduate named Nong reveals the truth about his homosexuality to his parents. Meanwhile, a tribal Hmong woman by the same name considers the decision of moving abroad to marry in order to pay for her parents’ debt.

Taklub (Philippines)
Directed by Brillante Mendoza

Drama. In the wake of Supertyphoon Haiyan, three survivors—Bebeth, Larry and Erwin—must test their endurance and emotional strength as they try to recover from the loss of their loved ones and homes. The movie won a commendation award at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015.

The Songs of Rice (Thailand)
Directed by Uruphong Raksasad

Documentary. A look at the daily life of Thai farmers throughout the year and how their lives revolve around the various stages of rice growing. The movie won the Best Documentary award at this year’s Suppanahong Awards.

3688 (Singapore)
Directed by Royston Tan

Musical/Comedy. A 38-year-old who works as a parking attendant to support the medical needs of her dementia-stricken father enters in a national singing competition to follow her childhood dreams.

3.50 (Cambodia)
Directed by Chhay Bora and Eysham Ali 

Drama/Thriller. Inspired by real events, the film explores the underbelly of Phom Penh's human trafficking industry and the lives of young girls sold to prostitution. The film stars Eunice Olsen, a former nominated member of parliament, and was the country’s 2013 Oscars entry for Best Foreign Language Film.

City of Jade (Myanmar)
Directed by Midi Z

Documentary. In this intimate film, the director follows his own brother to Kanchin, the war-torn areas of Northern Myanmar where men spend day and night digging and drilling in the harsh conditions of the country's biggest illegal jade-mining industry.

Bitcoins Heist (Vietnam)
Directed by Ham Tran

Action/Comedy. A gang of criminals made up of a hacker, a cat burglar and a forgery expert are set on a mission to catch Interpol's most wanted kingpin. 

Day and Night Omnibus (Malaysia)
Directed by Ho Yuhang, Charlotte Lim and Yeo Joon Han

A collection of three short films by three Malaysian filmmakers, all of which reflect their personal takes on the issues of healthcare in contemporary Malaysian society.

On top of this, three legendary ASEAN films will also be screened as part of the “Asean Classic” category: Indonesia’s After the Curfew, Philipines’ Manila in the Claws of Light and Cambodia’s The Snake Man

All screenings are free with Thai and English subtitles. SF World Cinema, Central World. For the full schedule, visit