• | Jul 09, 2019

While the nutrition therapy trends are gaining popularity across the globe, Thailand’s cold-pressed virgin rice bran oil has become an option that suits the needs and wants of health-conscious consumers because of its healthy properties. Some of these include lowering the risk of cancer and heart disease, as well as combating wrinkles. Thanks to innovations born of rigorous research and development, cold-pressed virgin rice bran oil is now available in the form of cooking oil and ready-to-eat oil, both of which are brimming with nutritional values. Cold-pressed virgin rice bran oil may prevent diseases, slow down aging and even help with losing weight because it contains as much phytosterol, gamma oryzanol, and natural vitamin E as five kilograms of spinach. 

Here are what these powerful nutrients do:

Phytosterol helps lower your LDL cholesterol level while increasing your HDL cholesterol level. It also improves your body’s circulatory system by decreasing your triglyceride level and preventing plaque from building up in your arteries, effectively reducing your risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases.  

Gamma Oryzanol
Gamma oryzanol is an excellent antioxidant. It boosts your body’s cellular repair functions, enhances your immune system and balances your hormones.

Natural Vitamin E
Natural vitamin E helps fight off wrinkles by slowing down your cellular degeneration while also rehydrating your skin and hair.


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