Various types of Thai rice have been tested and extensively researched to identify their unique properties that benefit the skin. Thanks to research innovations combined with cutting-edge technology, Thai rice is now used to make a vast range of skincare products—both for the face and the body. These include face creams and serums, body lotions, moisturizing face masks and sunscreen, which all benefit the skin in many different ways and suit all skin types.


Red Hom Mali Rice Extract

Bid farewell to wrinkled, dull skin thanks to skincare products made with red hom mali rice extract, which includes 13-times the concentration of antioxidants compared to other varieties of rice. 


Riceberry Rice Bran Oil Extract

This uses natural anthocyanin to relieve signs of aging by deeply rejuvenating and restoring the skin’s natural glow and suppleness.


Black Glutinous Rice Extract

Black glutinous rice extract slows cell deterioration with a strong skin barrier built by OPC—the same extract found in grape seeds—making the skin radiant and supple with an even tone.


Think Rice, Think Thailand.

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