Thai rice has gained global recognition as a versatile ingredient that goes well with any cuisine. Chef Arnaud Dunand-Sauthier of Le Normandie, Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok, is a culinary expert and a fan of Thai hom mali and brown rice. Chef Arnaud is particularly fond of the unique texture and aroma of Thai rice. This is why he only uses organic ingredients for his dishes.


Recommended by the chef… Thai rice in global cuisine.

1) Substitute short-grain rice in risotto with Thai hom mali rice. It will add a supple yet chewy texture and give you a dish packed full of nutrients.

2) The natural aromas of Thai hom mali rice is excellent for rice ice cream that captures the unique taste and scent of the rice.


“Thai rice never ceases to amaze me by ways it can applied to create many western dishes. There are so many varieties to enjoy, each of which is unique and special in its own way,” – Arnaud Dunand-Sauthier, head chef at two-Michelin-star Le Normandie, Mandarin Oriental Bangkok


Think Rice, Think Thailand.

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