What is the next hairstyle after Don Draper’s gentleman’s cut?

It will go one of two ways depending on the character of the gentleman—either it will be a messier and more tussled version of a similar style for those wanting the loose look, or a slightly longer scissor cut for those seeking the British aristocracy look.

Some boys still love the pompadour. How to do a perfect one?

Blow-drying the hair to start is essential; setting the hair in place with a hairdryer really shouldn’t take very long at all and it makes styling so much easier. Next, pomade and a comb are your best friends! Best bet is to always ask your barber his process when he’s styling your hair at the end of the cut. Then replicate this at home.

How did you get into barbering, and why?

I admired my childhood barber, David, from a young age and [loved] watching him, I realized what it might take to be a barber. Eventually I spoke to him about becoming a barber and he recommended I get myself formally qualified first. I did this at a barber college in London and afterwards got myself an apprenticeship. Got on the chair and have loved every day’s work since.

Your barbering specialty?

I’d like to think that I’m solid in all areas but in reality I think all barbers have their specialties. I’d say mine lies in classic gentlemen’s haircuts, executed properly and in the traditional fashion—always neat, always perfect.

What makes a good barber?

Pride—not to be mistaken for arrogance—should be at the forefront of every barber’s mind.

What do you like most about your job?

I enjoy the attention to detail required in a haircut but ultimately it’s about making someone feel awesome about how they look. The feeling guys get after they get a perfect haircut is a big reason I got into barbering.

Why do you think there’s a resurgence of old-school barbershops?

I think there’s a resurgence of old-school everything. People are sick of their fast food, quick-made, Ikea shopping lifestyle. People want quality now, something tangible, and with that comes mentalities of old.

Who cuts your hair?

If there’s a barber I’m in the process of training, it’ll always be them. If not, I still very much enjoy being a customer in a barbershop so I’ll visit others in the area and show support to my fellow barber. Plus, being on the other side of the chair reminds me of the origins of my passion.

What grooming products do you use for your beard and hair?

For the hair right now I’m using the Daimon Barber London Pomade. It’s a lovely water-based pomade with a really nice finish. For the beard I’m using Mr Natty’s beard elixir. It’s a light beard oil to keep the strays in place and make my face smell good (which my girlfriend likes too!).

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