In need of a little motivation for your next gym session or something to listen to on your long commute? Enter Base’s free, newly launched health and fitness podcast, “The Build Your Base Show.” 

With a mission to help Bangkok fitness enthusiasts build and live their best lives, the weekly show is hosted by Jack Thomas, founder and CEO of Base, who talks to Bangkok coaches, nutritionists, athletes and more about all things health- and fitness-related. 

So far, the podcast features six episodes, including interviews with Dr. Priya Khorana, a professor of nutrition, on healthy eating in Bangkok and how to eat to strengthen your immune system against Covid-19. In other episodes, guests like Kie Lurkraisit, a senior marketing executive and coach at Base, share insights on how to successfully build a career in the fitness industry.

The Build Your Base podcast show is available on Apple podcasts and Spotify podcasts. New episodes are released every Monday.