Enjoy a cup of coffee or any of your favorite beverages with cream made from rice bran oil that’s packed with nutrients and ideal for those allergic to dairy products or nuts.


The healthy creamer is made from rice bran oil, which is high in anti-oxidants such as gamma oryzanol and vitamin E with its cell restorative properties, phytosterols that effectively reduce cholesterol, and contains no saturated fat. Rice bran oil also contains high levels of calcium and vitamin K that promote strong bones and teeth, vitamin A that benefits the eyesight and vitamins B1-6-12 that support the healthy functioning of the brain and nervous system.


Rice Cream : The healthier choice

· No dairy

· No additives

· No trans fat

· Gluten free

· GMO free



Think Rice, Think Thailand.

For more information: www.thinkricethinkthailand.com


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