Health food stores in Singapore that make guilt-free eating easy.

Most bad habits are borne through laziness. The fact that the pub is closer than the gym, that the canteen sells crisps, not carrots. But with a little advance prep, you can make sure that when snacktime hits you’ve the right foodstuffs to hand. Stock up at any of these wholesome outlets and you can eat to your heart’s content (well, almost).

Brown Rice Paradise
It all starts with your staples. Like the name suggests, expect gluten/wheat/dairy-free products and organic food, and of course, all kinds of brown and otherwise exotic rice (Origin’s organic wild rice blend goes for $8.90 per kilo).

Eat Organic
Two levels of pure unadulterated goodness—there’s no way you’ll be leaving empty-handed. Think dark chocolate chewy granola bars ($9.90), rocky road bars ($3) and more. Their range of organic chocolate bars alone is worth the trip. Our personal picks? Green & Black’s dark chocolate 85% ($6.50) and Loving Earth’s crunchy mint raw dark chocolate ($11.50)—buy in bulk is our advice.

Four Seasons Organic Market
Organic rice. Organic noodles. Organic salt. You got it; it’s all organic, baby. One of the largest health food chains in town is home to certified organic brands like Yes Natural, Sunview and Organic Harvest. They also stock a kickass range of healthy snacks: organic rice chips ($3.40), organic brown rice rings ($2.10) and organic corn cakes ($3.50). They’re tastier than they sound, we promise.

With over 2,000 items in-store ranging from freshly-baked organic bread (from $5) to organic meat (from $35 per kilo), this is the kind of neighborhood grocer we all might wish for. You can even enjoy a cuppa at their cozy 30-seater café once the shopping’s out of the way.

Start the day right by loading up on tasty treats like Doves Farm cereal flakes ($11 for 375g) or McCann’s quick and easy steel-cut Irish oatmeal ($9 for 454g) if you’re pressed for time. Delivery is also available for the busy (or lazy)—a variety of farm boxes (from $70) for fresh leafy produce and thirst quenchers.


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