It makes sense. If you’re going to have something in your mouth for a while, it might as well taste good. Though flavored condoms generally get a bad rap for tasting nothing like what they’re supposed to, we thought it was about time to suck it up and see for ourselves.

Since this is Bangkok, we were expecting to find more exotic flavors out on the market—mango, durian, maybe even green tea! What we found was pretty basic—fruit and chocolate. Why stop at just fruit and candy? What about savory meat flavors like chicken, beef or pork—or vegetarian choices like carrot or eggplant?

And people like coffee too, so maybe Starbucks should come out with their own trio pack of condoms: mocha, latte and caramel macchiato. Now that it’s nearly rainy season, maybe condoms could be enriched with vitamin C to help prevent colds! The possibilities are endless…

Duo Strawberry: (B40, pack of three) This strawberry condom smelled very berry indeed, with some on our panel of experts likening it to the smell of Strawberry Quik. Unfortunately it lacked in the flavor department, with no apparent taste whatsoever. On the bright side, we appreciated its thin, glossy exterior and found its attractive pink color “sexy.”

Faire Strawberry: (B37, pack of three) This condom didn’t contain nearly enough fruit essence to mask the latex rubber smell. It didn’t taste much better, either, and several on our panel commented on its mostly plastic, rubbery taste. Its appearance was noted as being matte and powdery with a pink, fleshy color that was considered cute.

Durex Strawberry: (B47, pack of three) One of the most delicious smelling condoms we tasted, with favorable comparisons to "raspberries" and "bubble gum." However, the taste was non-existent. Appearance wise, this was the most scary looking condom thanks to its agressively red, “very Scarlet Letter” color.

Durex Chocolate: (B45, pack of three) Its cheap fake chocolate smell was reminiscent of Koko Krispies or coffee candy. It was by far the sweetest of those we sampled, and half hated the fake chocolate flavor and half liked it. Like the Durex Strawberry, this had a thick, sticky texture. Most were a little turned off by its muddy brown color. One tester even commented that it “looks like it’s been used.”

Faire Blueberry: (B30, pack of three) Be careful with this one 'cause the package is misleading. It is actually just one blueberry-flavored condom that’s been packaged and stuck in front of a separate pack of two unflavored Skinlight condoms. Tricky dicks. The special condom has a pleasant cherry, raspberry smell, but like so many we tried, barely any taste. Nice vivid color and sexy appearance, though.

Durex Select - Banana: (B53, pack of three) This rubber came in one of three flavors found in Durex’s Select condoms–Banana, Strawberry and Orange (see below). Most reacted favorably to the smell, likening it to banana candy or Banana Pocky. In terms of flavor, it got mixed reviews. Some said it had none while an equal number of our panel said it tasted like banana. Easy to see in a dark room thanks to the bright yellow color.

Durex Select - Orange: (B53, pack of three) Our favorite of the bunch: It had a pleasant fruity smell not unlike Tang and Orange Tic Tacs. Taste-wise this one also came out on top, with our testers commenting that it tasted like nice candy with a bit of sweet and sourness to it. Its thin, smooth texture and elasticity got a thumbs-up from our panel, as did its appealing orange color.


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