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Pisit, 46, manager
55. That’s the average age when company employees start to think of retirement.

Jiraporn, 24, sales assistant
Being 38 counts as “old” for me. At 35 you can still be seen as somewhat trendy and youthful. But once you near the big 4-0, people should dial it down and become more serious in appearance.

Kalawut, 29, mobile phone shop owner
I think people over 50 are old. Unlike when they were younger, they now start becoming more dependent on so many things, like society and their family and friends.

Panitang, 30, restaurateur
I think that when you reach the 40 plus mark, there comes a time when your body and its power starts to physically decline. You also aren’t at the top of your game mentally anymore.

Nattapong, 37, career consultant
I would say 60, the age of retirement. But then again, age is also a matter of personal mindset. Someone can be 50 years old, at the peak of their health and still be called “old” by others.

Vachira, 19, product design student
In my opinion, you start to look old at around 36. And nothing’s worse than those people who try to cling to their youth by dressing like they’re still teenagers and using new slang wrongly. It’s so embarrassing to watch.

Gingkarn, 50, accountant
Even at 60, one still has sharp mental facilities and can still work, but after that the gears start slowing down and there are no new impulses or real development happening anymore. So, I’d say that 65-70 is “old” for me.


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