This is your first time in Bangkok, how's the experience been so far?

Yes, it's our first time. It's been great. We can't believe we never came here before. Yesterday we went to explore Siam Center and then went for drinks at Studio Lam. It was so cool. We also walked past Nong shop in Tha Phra Chan and saw our vinyl on the windowsill. We went in and met the owner and did a FB live stream—then loads of people showed up!

Your show sold out almost immediately, how do you feel about that?

We were completely overwhelmed. You never really know how well a show is going to do until you do it. The Thai fanbase has not been that vocal on our social media compared to others, so this is a very pleasant surprise. It means we've got to come back!


What's been the best part of the tour so far?

Weve played at some music festivals, which has been a great way to meet other artists like Lany and Yuna. It's also great to get to explore this part of the world.

Are there any new projects coming up soon?

Yes, we're in the process of writing it now actually—nearly done. We are also planning to release a few stepping stone tracks between the album as well, which will be released very soon.

What tips do you have for aspiring independent musicians?

Take your time. For us, we waited until we had a lot of material, almost a whole album's worth, before we released anything. Otherwise, if you release something too soon with nothing to follow up, the hype can die down. Also, get to know your equipment very well, inside out, and you'll have your bases covered.

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