• | Mar 25, 2016

1. People dress incredibly well.

We’re not going to name names—a nearby city-state does come to mind—but Bangkokians mostly refuse to dress in shorts, flip-flops and singlets despite the crushing tropical heat. The only thing Paris and London has on us is that they have actual seasons. Bangkokians dress for their commute the way the rest of the world dresses for Friday night; and they dress for Friday night like the roaring 20s never ended.

2. The Food

In Cosmopolitan Magazine we trust when it comes to sex. And they claim these are some of the top aphrodisiacs—banana, watermelons, pomegranates, chili... really? This stuff is sold at every street corner in Bangkok! Throw in two dozens of oysters at your neighborhood Sunday brunch and you’re going to be doing it all weekend. (If you don’t fall into a food coma, first.) Right now, our favorite oyster selection is at the Sukhothai’s Sunday brunch, which has four different types. And if you want some jazz with that, The Sheraton Grande is the place to be. As for our favorite somtam, that’s a heated debate that could only end in makeup sex.


3. The Rooftop Bars

OK, the streets of Rome or Venice are all well and good. But how can you not be in love all over again after three drinks teetering on the edge of a soaring skyscraper’s rooftop. Vertigo and Sirocco are the most famous, but they’re also too busy to really feel the luv. Instead, our favorites would have to be Red Sky, at Centara Grand, and Speakeasy, at Muse Hotel. The weather is about to get hot and moist again, but that’s a good thing, right?


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4. Men Too are Under Serious Pressure to Stay Fit

Having a six pack used to be a quirk of Silom Soi 2-going boys. Then the straight guys started going to the gym, too, morphing scrawny office workers into brawny hunks. Things seems to be changing again, with runs becoming the latest trend, which is even sexier. After all, lifting weights is a rather solitary pursuit, whereas mini-marathons are more like real-life Tinder machines. This month, the action will be at The Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Midnight Run, The Songkran Run and The Colour Miles for Smiles Run.

Photo: Kyra (see #11)

5. Fierce Competition on the Bushwhacking Scene

We like to keep things smooth down there--blame it on the sticky, sweaty tropical climate. And while this may not be Rio de Janeiro, there’s no shortage of places to wax on, wax off in this town. Our top picks? Reveal Wax Salon, The Waxing Bar and La Nature Waxing. Oh and gents, if you’re thinking this doesn’t apply to you, do Google “back, sack and crack.”
Le Meridien Surawong 

6. Our Hotels are Just Too Sexy

Living in a country that is a huge tourist destination does have its perks. It means you can book into a hotel for naughty staycation any time you want—and be spoiled for choice. Looking for a room in Bangkok that will light your fire? We recommend the big round beds at Le Meridien Surawong or the huge bathtub at Le Siam. See more here.

7. The Weather

Did we mention this city is hot? It seems people are spending less and less time in air-con malls, though, meaning every weekend comes with new opportunities to oggle cute hipsters in summery dresses and rolled up chinos. This month, the beautiful people will be ambling about at The Glass by Artbox and Zaap on Sale. Get off your couch, skip the malls, and go join them.

Embassy Diplomat Screens, Cocoon Seat. Credit: www.embassycineplex.com

8. Our Movie Theaters

Sometimes there’s nothing like a gory horror flick or a British rom-com to get you in the mood for love. And we have the absolute best movie theaters in the world to make it happen. Right now, the battle is between Quartier Cineart and Embassy Diplomat Screens, both of which offer couples seats for you to snuggle up together under a blanket. See them all here.

Thann at Gaysorn Plaza

9. We Can Set the Mood

We’ve got some of the best spas in the world, and you can steal some of their ideas for your home too, thanks to our world-class aromatherapy brands like Erb, Thann and Harnn. Lavender is meant to have relaxing properties, while jasmine is meant to provide more of a boost. The real power of smells is to trigger powerful emotions, though, so find out which one works for you.

Vogue Lounge

10. Good Drinks

Getting smashed is a recipe for disaster, but a couple cocktails can do wonders to loosen things up. Thankfully, our cocktail scene is at the top of its game. Right now, our favorites are spirit-forward drinks like the Quintus (white rum, dry fino sherry, La Quintinye vermouth and Benedictine D.O.M served with pickled onion) at Vogue Lounge, Adapted Brooklyn (rye whiskey, cynar liqueur, Punt e Mes vermouth and Maraschino liqueur) at Il Fumo and White Truffle martini (gin fat-washed with white truffle oil served in martini glass washed with vermouth garnished with olive) at Rabbit Hole.

11. Kyra Lingerie

Starting to feel hot and bothered? Make sure the heat doesn’t fizzle once you take off your clothes thanks to the sexy lingerie and accessories at Kyra. The wide selection lets you tap into your own sexy personality: black and red embroidered details on Miss Valentine’s Bunny Push-up bra;  sophisticated, air-hostess pin-up charm with the Mile High Club Demi Bra or smouldering red lace with the Josie Bodysuit—the choice is yours.

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