Third time lucky?

  • By bkintern1
  • | Nov 03, 2017

The world's largest bike-sharing company, Mobike, has brought its services to Bangkok. Kicking off with a trial run at Kasetsart University, the Chinese-run company hopes to succeed where oBike and the government-led Pun Pun have failed at implementing this environmentally-friendly, safe and cheap transport alternative in the city. 

Since launching last year, Mobike has expanded to over 180 cities worldwide. Operating through a mobile application (iOS and Android) and using innovative GPS and smart-lock technology, Mobike is super easy to use.

Simply download the app to find, reserve and unlock bikes near you. The bikes lock themselves so you can leave them at any official parking area without the fear of docking fines.

It's cheap, too. On top of a fully-refundable deposit of B99, it costs only B10 for 30 minutes. Plus, until January the service is completely free, meaning there's no absolutely no excuse not to hop on and go for a ride. 

Although bikes are only being stationed at Kasetsart University to begin with, Mobike will soon roll out its services across the city. Keep an eye out for their sleek orange and silver frames. 

This isn't the first time that Bangkok has tried out bike-sharing. The Pun Pun scheme launched in 2013 to mixed reviews, while just earlier this year oBike tried to make an impact on the city before being deemed a "public scam" by Suton Anarkul, Director of Traffic and Transport Department.

Both of these services carry hefty deposits (B899 for oBike) and fines (Pun Pun fines B500 if you don't make it to the docking station before it closes), which may be why city-dwellers remain unimpressed. 

We hope that Mobike's low pricing and no-stress system mean that it is the bike-sharing service that Bangkok deserves.