The ride-sharing war has started all over again—but this time extended to bicycles not taxis.

No sooner had Singaporean cycling scheme oBike launched in Bangkok than the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has come out warning us all that it could be a scam.

According to a report by Matichon today, the new station-less bike-sharing service has not been approved by officials for public use.  

The story quotes Suton Anarkul, Director of Traffic and Transport Department, as saying the scheme could even be a "public scam" and warning the public to be on guard against the bright yellow bikes.

Of course, these claims couldn't possibly have anything whatsoever to do with protecting the BMA's universally unused Pun Pun bike scheme. In fact, even the Pun Pun Facebook page warns that these non-green bikes neither belong to the same organization nor are they from Bangkok, and the page urges people to beware. 

Matichon also cites Chatri Wattanakajane, Director of Ratchadhevi District, as telling local authorities to confiscate any of oBike's sets of wheels spotted in the area.

This latest episode recalls Thai authorities' ongoing war with ride-sharing apps like Uber and Grab, while oBike could potentially also be deemed to use public space for financial benefit without authorization.