Kevin Chan, founder of Pura Golf HK, gives us some tips on buying your first set of clubs.
  1. Rubber grips offer more grip than leather ones.
  2. A regular shaft offers good all-round performance for any beginner.
  3. Your short game is important, so spend more on your pitching wedge and putter. A putter is an incredibly personal club. The feel of it should suit you and how you hit the ball.
  4. It is worth doing a club fitting before you buy. Then you can determine what you need from a club.


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The Soloist

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Jamie Foxx
Robert Downey Jr.
Directed By: 
Joe Wright

Neither rarefied art film nor widely accessible inspirational drama, The Soloist falls between the cracks both creatively and commercially. Based on the real case of a newspaperman finding a former musical prodigy homeless on the streets of Los Angeles, Brit director Joe Wright's first American feature has moments of power and imagination, but the overworked style and heavy socially conscious bent exude an off-putting sense of self-importance, making for a picture that's more of a chore than a pleasure to sit through.

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Fri, 2009-04-24
Asia City Staff

Living legend Yoko Ono would actually rather be known as Yoko without the Ono, having always hated her last name. Surname or no, her first solo show in Shanghai, Fly, has caused quite a stir.

SH: First impressions of Shanghai?

Yoko Ono: This is my first time in China. I had absolutely no expectations. When I arrived at the airport I felt how I imagine Marco Polo must have felt when he first came here. I was in total awe. It was incredible.

SH: Is it difficult being an avant-garde artist and standing apart from the mainstream?

Yoko Ono: I guess it's lonely on this side! But I'm me. I'd rather be myself than copy someone else. Having said that, I'm simultaneously proud and sad about who I am – an artist, and a woman in a modern world.

SH: What do you think of women's position in society these days?

Yoko Ono: It’s very bad. Even in a developed country like the United States, you go to a hospital emergency room and one out of every four women being treated there will have suffered domestic abuse. Society doesn't seem willing to do anything about it, so I feel that I need to stand up for women. 

SH: What inspires your art?

Yoko Ono: I really don't know what inspiration is. My ideas come to me when I don't have any thoughts. I like to keep my mind as empty as possible to let the ideas get through. When I have other things like family stuff in mind, the ideas don't come.

SH: How do you deal with criticism? 

Yoko Ono: It's human nature to fear not being accepted by society. I'm a human being, so I feel that way too. But I believe in my work. Critics are fallible – some of them may not be good at their job. A lot of people hate me for marrying John Lennon, and that hate is huge. However, I have so many fans that I turn all of my attention to being loved.

SH: Do you still hope for world peace?

Yoko Ono: Of course. Peace has always been my major concern. – Raemin Zhang


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Other interesting findings for Singapore include

of men prefer women to go bare—when it comes to pubic hair.

like dirty talk.

of women find foreplay essential before getting it on, compared to 41% of men surveyed.

think prostitution should be legalized.

have been paid for sex.

find pornography gross, yet strangely compelling, 31% think it’s the folk art of the future, 32% consult their stash once a week while 8.2% will never indulge in pornography.

have toyed with S&M.

own, or have owned, a sex toy.

have masturbated at work.

have told a lie or two in this survey.

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