Numbers to quicken your pulse, break into a light sweat, and take deep hard breaths. It’s our annual Sex Survey results unveiled! By I-S, HK and BK Magazines

Squids, sex videos, the number of people you’ve sex with, cheating on your partner—it’s all here, baby. Yes, the results of Asia City Publishing Group’s Sex Survey are out. Conducted online at and in the print copies of I-S (and our sister magazines HK and BK), close to 1,800 readers obligingly let us in on their dirty, romantic, funny, crazy, juicy and explicit sex secrets. To give you some numbers, majority of those surveyed were from Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong, with 21.7% hailing from countries furthur a field. And 59% of them are males, while 41% are females.

Get a sense of what’s happening between the sheets (and sometimes otherwise) in Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok. And, to keep you gripped, we did a roundup of Singaporeans’ favorite fantasies and the objects they like to play with. Read on. You know you want to.

Do you insist on protection?




I consider myself

Straight Straight
Male 78.4% Female 85.2%

Gay Lesbian
Male 14.9% Female 2.2%

Male 2.7% Male 4%
Female 8.7% Female 3.9%


How old were you when you first had sex?

11-20 years old 72%
31 and above 1.3%
0-10 years old 2.7%
21-30 years old  24%


How many people have you had sex with up to now?

I-S 6.7% I-S 68.1% I-S 10.7% I-S 4.8% I-S 9.7%
BK 1.9% BK 56.6% BK 10.1% BK 11.2% BK 20.2%
HK 5.8% HK 50.2% HK 16.8% HK 11.4% HK 16%

Are you good in bed?

I-S 86.7% I-S 13.3%
BK 87.5% BK 12.5%
HK 83.7% HK 16.3%


Do you prefer a more or less experienced sex partner?

I-S Male 8.6% Female 3.8% Male 39.5% Female 60.4% Male 51.8% Female 29.1%
BK Male 14.6% Female 10% Male 50.6% Female 62% Male 34.8% Female 28%
HK Male 9.1% Female 5.3% Male 48.9% Female 65.3% Male 42.1% Female 29.4%


Ever paid for sex?

Male - Yes

Female - Yes

Have you ever met up for real time sex with someone via the internet?


Had sex with a co-worker

  No Yes
I-S 66.8% 33.2%
BK 59.9% 40.1%
HK 60.8% 39.2%

Would you have sex to advance your career?



Have you and your partner ever made a sex movie or taken nude photos of each other?

I-S 51.8% BK 51% HK 56.4% I-S 48.2% BK 49% HK 43.6%

Are you happy with your sex life?


Male 71.3%
Female 68.8%


Male 28.7%
Female 31.2% 

More Sex Survey Results!

Singapore's weapon of choice

Singapore's favorite fantasies

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Freedom Writers

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You know how you should never judge a book by its cover? The same applies to movies and their trailers. From the previews, Freedom Writers looks like yet another flick about students-turned-“gangstas in da hood” who excel and reach their true potential thanks to an inspiring teacher. Yet, despite seemingly following the same template as the lackluster Dangerous Minds, this film, starring Oscar-winner Hilary Swank (Million Dollar Baby), actually has some heart and soul to it.

Opening Date: 
Fri, 2007-03-02
Running Time: 
Asia City Staff
An I-S comparison of our vital statistics compared to those of our neighbors in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Bangkok.

We like to think we’re the cleanest, safest city in the region. But we also complain that we don’t have enough sex and that we have to work really long hours. How do we actually compare to the other cities in the region? Are our trains really that crowded? Is our local film scene really flailing? I-S came up with a list of numbers to get the real picture on just exactly how we’re doing, kiasu style of course—by looking at everyone else.

The People | Our Quality of Life | Our Culture 
Our Economy | Various

The People



Average income (per month)


Number of foreign workers


Legal age to have sex


Number of people per square km


Our Quality of Life

Number of registered cars

Flagfall of urban cab


Amount of space devoted to parkland

Number of murders per year


Number of public holidays in 2006

Average amount of waste generated per capita

Hong Kong:
0.001 tonnes

Shanghai: 0.59 tonnes

Singapore: 0.5 tonnes

Bangkok: 9.340 tonnes

Average amount of sex per month per capita






Number of people per public toilet

Ranking in world’s most livable city survey


Number of local films made per year in 2005


Amount of money given by the government to the local film industry in 2005

Approximately S$5 million.

Hong Kong: S$1.25 million

Shanghai: 0

Bangkok: Statistic unavailable


Our Culture

Price of a fast food burger


Number of daily papers


Number of licensed brothels


Singapore: Statistic Unavailable

Shanghai: 0

Hong Kong: 0

Number of registered marriages per year


Bangkok: 37, 808

Hong Kong: 43,034

Shanghai: 124,900

Number of divorces per year


Bangkok: 11,804

Hong Kong: 15,604

Shanghai: 72, 600


Our Economy

GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

S$194 billion

Shanghai: S$146.81 billion

Hong Kong: S$52.59 billion

Bangkok: S$258,199 million

Average weekly work hours

Defense budget 2005

Hong Kong: S$47.7 billion (incorporated into Chinese budget)

Shanghai: S$47.7 billion (total Chinese budget)

Singapore: S$11.64 billion

Bangkok: S$4,263 million



Number of stories of tallest building

Number of Starbucks

Fine for dog fouling


Number of passengers through local international airport

Hong Kong:
111,616 daily

Shanghai: 49,334 daily

Singapore: 88,767 daily

Bangkok: 15,000 daily

Number of reported bird flu cases and number of birds slaughtered



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It took two months and responses from over 1,700 readers but the results are finally in from the Asia City Publishing Group’s first-ever regional Sex Survey. The survey was conducted online with the launch of our new regional portal by I-S Magazine and our sister magazines, HK and BK. The majority of the survey’s responses were from Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok, while 7% were from other countries further afield. Whether you answered for bragging rights, to help us in our research efforts or to simply win a prize, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we have completed what may be the region’s most extensive survey ever undertaken on our generation’s sexual habits.

To give you some numbers, 61% of the respondents were male, 39% were female. Of the respondents, 78% were straight, 11% were gay, 6% consider themselves bisexual, while an adventurous 4% are “trisexual” (will try anything). Interestingly, only 4% of men say they are bisexual, compared to 10% of women. Meanwhile 61% felt virgins were a blessing; of this figure 62% were male and only 37% were female – obviously men like their women unsullied, while the girls like a man in the know. Anyway, enough numbers, check out our graphics for the clearer picture of what is happening in the three cities, and then read on for our round-up of what’s happening specifially in Singapore’s sex scene.

Some of our more interesting findings for Singapore include:

61% have done it in a public place.

85% have or will indulge in dirty talk.

36% find pornography gross, yet strangely compelling, while 29% think pornography is the folk art of the future. Only 8% would never indulge in pornography.

11% look for love in coffee shops, 4% in churches, and 13% on the Internet.

5% of Singaporeans surveyed have tried Viagra.

35% have had sex with a colleague.

40% have had cybersex and, interestingly, 22% have met up with someone from the Internet for real-time sex.

61% say that a “happy ending” at a massage parlor is the same thing as cheating.

12% have had sex in an airplane.

And get this: 54% fake their orgasms! (Blame When Harry Met Sally.)

Other interesting results

Contradictory Results? We asked Dr. Love

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Where Singaporeans Really Have Sex

Singaporeans are not particularly adventurous when it comes to finding the best places to get laid. Most surveyed concede the bedroom as the best place to do it, while others indicate that their parents’ or siblings’ rooms are good, too, if they’re feeling a little “naughty” (yikes).

“In general, I think Singaporeans are very limited in their utilization of places to have sex. There are lots of restrictions here … and there are really not that many places to have sex in,” says Dr. Wei. “Add to the fact that this is a very small island, and more often than not, up to three generations of Singaporeans are staying under one roof, there is hardly sexual energy between most individuals.”

Some of the more interesting spots recommended include the phone booths outside Takashimaya (are you for real?), Botanic Gardens, inside a crowded train (you can’t be serious), playgrounds, basketball courts, swimming pools, cinemas, hospitals, lifts, stairways, double-decker buses, and (we can hear celebrity blogger Wendy Cheng squealing with delight) toilets for the physically handicapped.

Celebrities / Personalities Singaporeans would love to have sex with

We’re not surprised to find pretty local celebrity Fiona Xie in the list, as the girl is one of the better looking and well-endowed actresses around. More interesting is Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports, and Second Minister for Trade and Industry Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan. Straying not too far behind are actors Tay Ping Hui, Vincent Ng and Julian Hee.

On a more international level, Brangelina, or rather, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, rank as the most desirable, never mind that the two are already having a baby together. The dark and enigmatic Johnny Depp also gets more than a few votes, and so do sexy thespians Scarlett Johansson, Kirsten Dunst and Sharon Stone—proving that age is just a number.

But for those who picked R&B diva Mariah Carey, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and grandmother of soul Tina Turner as their most desirable—we can only wonder what they were thinking.

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Singaporeans can’t quite make up their minds when it comes to their sex lives, it seems, judging from the mixed results we got from Singapore respondents in our online Sex Survey. Some of the most contradictory results we found include 79% who indicated that they prefer a more experienced partner, but 71% also mentioned that virgins are a blessing. 48% also admitted that they have cheated on their partners, but only 33% will stay in a relationship knowing that they have been cheated on.

Professional sex therapist Dr. Wei Siang Yu, a.k.a. Dr. Love, who hosts the Mandarin sex education program Loveairwaves on Channel U, says that “Singaporeans can tell you about their weirdest sexual fantasies and ideals, and yet when you really talk to and get to know them, there’s a huge discrepancy between what they say and how they behave. They can be quite confused.”

The good doctor blames Singapore’s fast-paced living and concern for material wealth as a damper to the city’s sexual energy. “Singaporeans are living in such a way where they spend more time displaying their wealth and career achievements, and externalize them, rather than focusing on their sexual needs. ‘Sex’ is a dirty word to most of them.”

More consistent, according to Dr. Wei, are the results pertaining to the fact that 58% believe in love at first sight, and that 30.4% have had sex with one to five people, followed by 28.8% who have had sex with between 11 to 50 people. Only 4.8% said that they have had sex with between 51 to 100 people, while 20% have “lost count”. But these numbers might change in the near future, says Dr. Wei, “As more and more people are willing to explore their sexual desires, and will get more sexually empowered in time to come.”

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When a Stranger Calls

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Camilla Belle
Tommy Flanagan
Katie Cassidy
Directed By: 
Simon West

Simon West (Lara Croft: Tomb Raider) obviously believes fear lies solely in the mind, which explains his latest horror flick, which is as scary as watching The Ring for the 100th time. His remake of the original 1979 classic by Fred Walton of the same name starts ambitiously enough, with confusing jump cuts and voices of distress, forewarning the wipe out of an entire innocent family by a brutal murderer.

Opening Date: 
Fri, 2006-02-03
Asia City Staff


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Kristen Stewart
Josh Hutcherson
Jonah Bobo
Dax Shepard
Tim Robbins
Directed By: 
Jon Favreau

Adaptations from novels or videogames usually tend to be OTT or off the mark entirely, so it is nice to see one that nails the true spirit and intent of its original source material—a book by Chris Van Allsburg.

Opening Date: 
Thu, 2005-11-24
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Asia City Staff