The most insidious side effect of the pandemic is the pressure it’s placing on mental health. That’s why the United Nations in Thailand, the Thai mental health organisation Knowing Mind and the social change agency Love Frankie have launched Unknown Together, an online campaign exploring the impact of Covid-19 on mental health that will also provide practical resources for holistic self-care. 

Supported by Facebook Thailand, this 10-week online campaign aims to provide content, information and resources to improve the well-being of those affected and to instill empathy among viewers. The content will be co-created with a network of experts and partners, including the Thai Department of Mental Health. Expert panel discussions hosted weekly via Facebook Live, meanwhile, will discuss the impact Covid-19 is having on everyday issues, like work, finances, education and personal relationships.  

Expect to hear from a number of mental health experts and practitioners, as well as prominent social media influencers. 

For more details about the campaign, visit their official Facebook page or follow the hashtag #unknowntogether on Instagram and Facebook.