At BK, we’re a big company with bright ideas. Our latest big-brain move is building a LINE app. Yeah, we should have done this years ago, but whatever we’re celebrating. 

Add us @BKmagazine or  and you will get regular updates on the most popular content we share online (no need to scroll through our clunky website!), but it’s more than that.

We’ve built an LINE app to add a couple more features:

Contact Us
You can press this button if we’ve pissed you off in some way, and then yell directly at one of our poor junior staff over text. 

Dining Events
We do many dining events each year, like BK Restaurant Week and Top Tables Champions. If one of those is going on, you can click this button to go straight to the website.

Top Tables Kitchen
Press this button if you want to go to the Top Tables Kitchen website, our newly launched food delivery program. 

Go To BK
We’re kind of hoping this button speaks for itself.