Many of us have probably grown tired of drinking in our cribs and are aching to go back for a few rounds at our favorite bars. This is where Sipp comes in handy.

The newly released app allows you to search for bars near you and save them as favorites. Sipp also shows you bars that are offering buy-now-use-later gift vouchers and/or online orders, and sends you straight to the websites where you can purchase them. Best of all, 100 percent of the proceeds go to the bars—there’s no pay to play involved. 

Bars that we have grown to love have been hit hard by the pandemic, and the future is uncertain for not just the owners of these places, but for the people who shake up delicious drinks for us as well. Tools like this app offer ways to help keep your favorite establishments afloat. 

You can download Sipp on the Google Play store. For more information, visit their website or Instagram (@sipp_bk). If you are a bar owner, you can get it listed on the app using this Google form