+ The RoomFeel technology is not an effect, like selecting “live” in your phone’s equalizer presets. It’s actually much more discreet and neutral than that. The sound is indeed a bit more acoustic, a bit warmer and that’s about it.
+ The bass response is amazing, and it’s not just from pumping up the bass volume. It’s ample and vibrant when there is bass in the track, and it’s absent when there isn’t.
+ Mids are also very clear, very well reproduced.
+ The packaging is top-notch, with lots of different sized in-ear inserts, a little clip to keep the cable from bouncing on your chest when you’re walking or running, a pouch, and two adaptors (for dual-jack plugs on planes and the larger 6.35mm jacks found on amplifiers).
- We struggled to get the right fit, although these things really come down to the shape of your ear. That meant sound isolation was also not quite there.
- On some tracks, you might find the treble a bit thin, or tinny.
Verdict: Overall, these are the best earphones we’ve tried in that pricerange, which is similar to the Shure SE215 and SOL Amps HD. They sound amazing and we highly recommend them. In fact, we can’t believe the price these are selling for here—B3,700—given that has them for B5,180 (US$160).
Available at Conice Shop (4/F CentralWorld Ratchadamri Rd. 02-255-6451). Highly recommended.