The Samsung S5, unveiled Monday at the World Mobile Congress, isn't that big an update. But it does pack a lot of nifty features.

It’s slightly less curved than its predecessors and bigger too. It weighs 145g (with the matte plastic casing) where the Iphone 5s weighs 112g but the screen is a lot wider, too; 5.1 inches with full HD Super AMOLED touch screen.

With the  2800mAh battery, Samsung promises up to 21 hours of talking time! 

The phone has a 2 megapixel front camera, and an astounding 16 megapixel rear camera.

One cool new feature of this smart phone is it’s heart rate sensor; located at the back of the phone (near the LED flash), just place your finger on the sensor and wait for it to display your heart rate on the screen. Pretty sweet for health conscious people.

The main feature that we’re most excited about though is the dust and water-resistance though. This doesn’t mean that you can take your phone swimming with you and use it as an underwater camera, but it’s safe from your day to day coffee spillage--or even a quick trip in the toilets.

It will be available in "Electric Blue, Charcoal Black and Copper Gold" for an estimated US$650 (B21,160) according to Gotta Be Mobile. The release date is official though: April 11 in Thailand, as with another 149 countries. That's one of the best things with Samsung, we get their new phones at the same time as everyone else.