• | Aug 11, 2015

Why do you think you have so many Instagram followers?

I'm not sure! Maybe it's because people see that my lifestyle is quite laid-back and simple. My photography interests are so common, like food and travel. I think my followers see me as someone who is approachable, someone just like them.

So, how did you first get into photography?

I must admit that I wasn’t really into photography straight away because I didn’t like the idea of carrying around loads of stuff when I went places! But taking some pictures and spending time around other people who like photography, I really started to like it, too. I find shooting pictures fun, creative and meaningful. I couldn't live without it.

You’ve even launched your own camera bag brand, is that right?

Yes. I run a camera bag business with my friends. Ever since I got into photography, I realized it’s super important to take care of your camera. I love traveling and yet most camera bags don’t match my personal style at all. So I decided to make my own! 

How do you like to spend your leisure time? 

Basically, I like to take photos wherever I go. But mostly I like photographing places with people. To me, these kinds of pictures feel more alive, bursting with stories to tell. 

What’s your favorite camera?

I think of the camera as my third eye. Before you buy any camera, you must be confident about it and feel that it is really compatible with your lifestyle. It has to be able to convey the photos of the real you. I have many cameras and I use them differently, depending on the occasion. But recently I’ve been using the Nikon1 J5 a lot as it’s very convenient to carry around.

How does the Nikon1 J5 fit your lifestyle?

The feature that most fits my lifestyle is the B&W filter. Black and white is a truly classic combination. I really like controlling my photos' tone and I feel that the B&W filter is the best way to do this. Another function I also use very often to take a selfie is the tilting monitor. After snapping a photo, I can send it to my phone via Wi-Fi, and I can share it immediately on my Instagram. It's so fun.

Can you tell us your secret: how do you always look so lovely and cheerful?

I don’t know! But honestly, I also have times when I’m stressed and tired just like everyone else. Most people think I look happy all the time. I believe in finding happiness by doing what we love. Like photography. I think this is conveyed through my photos.

Do you have any tips for fellow Instagramers?

I would like to recommend to anyone who is looking for a creative and fun hobby, you should try photography. The most important thing is using a camera that meets your personal needs and feelings, not just buying because of trends. For beginners, I'd recommend the Nikon1 J5. From my experience, this mirrorless camera is very convenient to carry around and easy to use. 


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