Yes, the Fitbit Flex, one of the cheapest, most durable and simple-to-use fitness tracking devices out there, has been on sale in Thailand for a while now. But the official Thai launch of FitBit means obsessive self-trackers can now get the brand's latest two models: the Charge HR (B5,550) and the Surge (B8,940). 

What's special about these new models is that, on top of the basic features of the Flex, they also track your heart rate for a more accurate reading of your daily acitvity. And they sync to your phone's caller data so you'll see a caller ID while you're working out.

The Surge, Fitbit's most advanced model, also comes with GPS tracking so you can record your running trails, as well as a scren displaying incoming calls and controls for your music playlist. 

The full line is now available at electronic stores including iStudio, Jay Mart and Power Buy. But before you splurge, be sure to check prices on websites like Amazon or Lazada—there are better deals out there than the official RRPs, even in Bangkok.