Dangerous Chutz, available in the Apple app store for free, is a 2D fighting game, very much like old-school favorite Double Dragon. The character, dressed in Chadchart's virally famous look (black sleeveless shirt, shorts and plastic bag) walks around beating up bad guys. And that's about it. Oh, the BTS runs in the background from time to time, a nice local touch.

The other game, ChutzBike, sees Chadchart riding a bike in nearly the same exact setting and jumping over obstacles. It's about as deep as Flappy Bird.

These apps were developed by BravoHub co., Ltd and Hybrid21 co.,Ltd. What do these guys do apart from Chadchart apps? Well, there's the one for pregnant mothers and the one to polish up on your Christianity studies. And then they have some apps to make slideshows. That's a pretty diverse portfolio!

Download Dangerous Chutz from the App Store here.