Somfy Home Motion

What it does: A series of remote-controlled  motors attached to your curtains, blinds and doors. They can also be wired to communicate with a weather sensor, allowing automatic reactions to different weather conditions. A central hub device is required for signal broadcasting and custom settings.
We like: Our favorite function has to be Somfy’s automatic reaction capabilities. Granted, Thailand is perpetually sunny, so the weather sensors might not see too much use, but the ability to set timers for all your curtains and blinds to open and close automatically is pretty cool. 
We don’t like: If you’re interested in automating your doors and curtains with Somfy, be prepared for construction work. All three of Somfy’s required devices—the motors, the hub and the sensor––need dedicated wiring, and might require you to break open a few walls.
Price: B25,000-55,000 (depending on model)
Available at leading department stores. Visit for a list of authorized retailers.

Belkin WeMo

What it does: WeMo is a line of products focused on automating various electronic devices in your home. Comprising special power outlets, light switches and even cooking pots, WeMo aims to give you full control of your household appliances via your smartphone.
We like: It’s an excellent launching point for anyone looking to automate their homes, with a diverse and user-friendly catalogue of products, ready to use right out of the box. Our favorite is the WeMo Insight Switch with its ability to control any electrical device via a free iOS and Android app. The Insight Switch also tracks energy usage information through the app, potentially cutting your power bills significantly. 
We don’t like: WeMo products, unlike many other smart home products, broadcast and receive orders via the internet over Wi-Fi instead of a special proprietary signal like infrared or Bluetooth. This means they’re rendered useless without an internet connection. Considering Thailand’s unreliable track record with internet service providers, this could happen often. 
Price: B1,500-5,000
Available at Groov Shop, Nonthaburi, or online at

Nuvo Home Audio

What it does: Using one central command unit, you can stream music from your phone, USB drive, CD or even TV audio anywhere inside your home and listen to it throughout the house.
We like: Perfect for house parties, Nuvo’s excellent multi-channel audio system allows you to play one or even multiple songs anywhere in your house. You can be listening to one song in the living room, and your boyfriend can listen to his own songs in the bedroom. You can also use the system in conjunction with your entertainment center setup, giving your movies cinema-quality levels of immersion. An official companion app allows users to control the Nuvo command hub from anywhere with their smartphone.
We don’t like: While the command unit is simple enough to install, it does have a limited range, and might not work as ideally in larger homes without also getting wall-mounted range extenders, bringing up the cost. Also, in order to use the companion app, the command units are required to be connected to Wi-Fi, which not all units support.
Price: B300,000 (for entire set)
Available at select retailers nationwide. Visit 

iRobot Roomba 780

What it does: Without doubt, one of the best cleaning robots available in the market right now. Users can set up a time schedule for the machine, then sit back and watch the little disk-shaped robot slide (relatively) quietly across their floors, avoiding obstacles and picking up any unwanted particles along the way. 
We like: With improvements to suction, battery life and navigation, the Roomba 780 is a step above the competition. The increased suction means that even tougher cleaning jobs, such as picking up hairs ground into carpets, can be handled without difficulty. The 780’s improved navigation technology means it is less likely to tangle itself in wires or run itself off a ledge, common problems found in competitors. The machine is also smart enough to know when it is running out of juice, and can automatically return to the charging dock.
We don’t like: While relatively quiet, the 780 is still far from silent. The machine is also only ideal for one-story houses or apartments, as it cannot climb stairs. While improvements have been made to the vacuuming and dusting mechanisms, the 780 can still get itself in a tangle from time to time. It also can’t bring us tea or serve us dinner…a later model, perhaps?
Price: B29,900
Available at select retailers. Visit