1. Fabbrigade 

Why do Bangkokians need it? Designed especially for Bangkok, this app lets you make home appointments for makeup, hair and nail appointments, yoga and Pilates classes, and spa and massage sessions with talents drawn from the city's top beauty studios (their makeup artists come from the International Makeup Center and hair people from The Lounge hair salon). Just set your preferred date and time, pay through credit card. 

Available for iOS and Android.


2. Foodpanda

Why do Bangkokians need it? The rainy season is a bitch, and this delivery app still has the best range of home delivery restaurants we know of. Just beware that wait times for some places can be pretty hideous during peak hours or when it's raining, so plan in advance!

Available for iOS and Android.


3. Musely

Why do Bangkokians need it? From learning how to make the perfect somtam at home to mastering the waterproof smokey eye look to save yourself this rainy season, this app for tip sharing has heaps of good advice for Bangkokians. You can also help others by providing your own advice. 

Available for iOS and Android.


4. Chope 

Why do Bangkokians need it? Born in Singapore, this restaurant booking app helps you make reservations at the city's most popular restaurants. Some of our favorite spots on there include Bunker, Peppina and Cocotte—all places you definitely need to book ahead for.

5. BK Now

Why do Bangkokians need it? Our guide to every event happening in town lets you stay updated with what's happening around you. The latest nightlife parties, gigs, markets and workshops are regularly updated, along with other news from BK Magazine and information on new places to go. 
Available for iOS and Android.