If you want to put a little Thai style under your tree this year, BK has handpicked a list of thoughtful presents for those special folks in your life. Stoners, book lovers, parents, distant relatives you’re forced to meet once a year, and even your horribly pretentious but endearing artsy friends—there’s something in store for everyone.

Why Dough

Cookies, cream tarts, cakes and more. You’ll find adorable treats and holiday inspired creations are a great option to have in your back pocket. The cookies are a great option to put out if you’re having people around to deck the halls.

No Bar Wine Bar

Ranging from B1000-2000, No Bar Wine Bar offers a sophisticated line up of booze to celebrate special occasions and show off your wino friends and family. Be sure to check out their festive flavors imported from German, Austria, and Spain, and this spot always has some cool bottles to keep the conversation going. 

Galile Oasis’ Gift Gallery

Galile Oasis is currently hosting a Gift Gallery with products that run the gamut from home decor to miscellaneous jewelry, available until Jan 8. You’ll find plenty of neat knickknacks to fill your stockings from local brands—ceramics, creative doilies, art, books, jewelry, and more. 

Books & Belongings

Tucked away in Sukhumvit 91, this independent bookstore has an international collection of essays, novellas, philosophy books, spanning across branches of literature. Find special editions, pre-loved copies, and whatever that bookworm on your nice list is looking to consume. 

Arty & Fern

If you’ve got the budget, these frames make a fantastic gift for your four-eyed friends (and fashionistas). Arty & Fern’s eyewear pieces are tailor made to the customer’s face shape and skin tone, and the glasses are crafted from natural materials. Sleek or funky, these frames will definitely be an everyday statement.

Skin Syrup

Everyone from TikTok Gen Z to their grandmothers are getting into the skincare craze. This second generation body and skincare brand is a unique venture made with traditional Thai medical philosophies in mind. The holiday gift set is packed with products that are 100% natural, cruelty free, and made with recyclable packaging. 

Everpink Cosmetics

Whether you’re a newbie in the makeup scene or a seasoned glam artist, Everpink Cosmetics has literally got you covered. Their award-winning products and range of compacted blushes are always a good place to start. 

Vinn Patararin

This year, Thai fashion house Vinn Patararin was catapulted into international fame after pop star Troye Sivan sported their signature tank top in his music video. The look was later parodied on SNL by Timmothee Chalamet and Boy Genius. Truly one for the fashionistas and pop culture enthusiast—find it where you can.

Bangkok City Pop Record Shop

On to music lovers: This Prawet record shop has an eclectic collection of vintage vinyls, CDS, and DVDs. Not everyone does vinyl, but the sentimental value and collectability will certainly make a heartwarming present. For more record shops in Bangkok, visit this link.

Yoo Dee Me Sook 99

This handmade jewelry shop is making bracelets inspired by Thai folk songs. Don’t order at the last minute because the delivery takes 10-14 days—so get on it today. Other than that, have a listen, get inspired, and discover some new favorite tunes.

Ganjita & Co.

New smoking accessories for those 420-friendly folk in your life? Ganjita & Co carries quirky, high quality products from grinders, rolling trays, pipes, and more. The items are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and double as cute house decor for stoner friends.

A Clay Ceramic

If your love language is quality time, this might be the right gift for you. Book a session at A Clay Ceramic to personalize handmade home goods and knickknacks and get in the mud like Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore (sort of). It’s a great bonding activity, and molding clay is very calming.