Last week, the Youtube sensation turned actor and pop star Troye Sivan released the music video to his latest single “Got Me Started” showcasing Thai fashion labels.
If you’re unfamiliar with the Aussie artist’s discography, this is all part of Sivan's roll out for his highly anticipated third album, Something to Give Each Other. Earlier this year, Sivan created a lot of buzz with his provocative summer bop lead single “Rush” and Berlin-shot music video. Sivan's new creative era promises the celebration of queerness and sensuality. 
“Got me Started” was filmed in another proverbial “gay capital” of Bangkok, with locations that may be familiar to native nightcrawlers such as Yaowarat, Chong Nonsi Skywalk, W District Helicopter Pad, Carnation Sauna, and more. 
In addition to the bangkok backdrop, Sivan also linked up with local stylists to feature pieces from homegrown designers. Check out some of the key looks from the music videos.



Photo: Still of “Got Me Started”  with Vinnpatararin Tank Top / YouTube
Perhaps one of the standout pieces in the music video is the white “Tank Top Signature” from newcomer Vinnpatararin. As the love child of designer Vinn Chokkhatiwat and Patararin Pongprasit, the cutting edge brand focuses on creating interesting shapes and movements in their garments. The casual staple worn by Sivan himself is instantly recognizable with the brand’s trademark cutout. 

Rich Cast of Characters

Photo: Still of “Got Me Started”  with Rich Cast Leather Racing Jacket Pictured on the left / YouTube
Spotted during a dance sequence at Sri Hua Lamphong Hotel and the rooftop scene, the Rich Cast Leather Racing Jacket fits right into the music video’s retro cinematography. The label is also known for its custom groovy boots which were worn by Austin Butler in the GQ 2022 promotional photoshoot for Baz Luhrnman’s Elvis biopic.


Sorapol London 

Photo: Still of “Got Me Started” with Sorapol London / YouTube
This music video would not be complete without Drag Race Thailand alums Angele Anang, Annee Maywong, and Miss Gimhuay. The equally fabulous and talented drag queens Gawdland and Gigi Ferocious were clothed in ruby shades by the couture fashion house Sorapol.

Vvon Sugunnasil

Photo: Still of “Got Me Started”  with Vvon Sugunnasil’s See Through Tailor Made Jacket / YouTube
Known for its crisp and classic menswear, Vvon Sugunnasil’s cream coloured See Through Tailor Made Jacket was captured in the dinner scene that looks right out of a Wong Kar-wai film. Are you “In the Mood for Love” yet?

I Wanna Bangkok

Photo: Still of “Got Me Started” with I wanna Bangkok briefs. / YouTube
Blink and you might miss this item. With every low rise and baggy pants comes an opportunity to cheekily show off some undergarments. And Sivan couldn’t have gone for a better choice than the attention-grabbing moniker I Wanna Bangkok on the black briefs. Originally started in 2014 as a project to promote Bangkok by two artsy Bangkokian fashion grads, Adisak “Beam” Jirasakkasem and Supakorn “Grofe” Buaruan, I Wanna Bangkok launched its first ever flagship store on Narathiwas Road earlier this year.