In a recent SNL skit, that accumulated nearly 800,000 views under 24 hours, Oscar-nominated actor Timmothee Chalamet and Grammy-nominated indie band Boygenius wore Thai fashion brand Vinnpatararin’s signature tank top to imitate the iconic look from Troye Sivan’s “Got Me Started” music video.

Set in a hospital ward, the sketch features a sleepless woman haunted by an army of Troye Sivan-looking sleep paralysis demons. The Australian-born actor and comedian Bowen Yang also made an appearance as a doctor while comedian Sarah Sherman (sometimes known as Sarah Squirm) played the patient.

Photo: Troye Sivan in Vinnpatararin tank top in the original “Got Me Started” music video / Youtube

Troye Sivan’s hit music video that started the whole SNL skit was shot in Bangkok last month, and currently sits around two million views on YouTube. It not only features Bangkok as a backdrop but also includes Thai LGBTQ+ icons Angele Anang, Annee Maywong, Miss Gimhuay, and Krit “PP” Amnuaydechkorn wearing Thai fashion brands

One of the looks Sivan wore is the white “Tank Top Signature” from Vinnpatararin—which is also worn by Chalamet and others in the SNL skit. Founded by designer Vinn Chokkhatiwat and Patararin Pongprasit, the label is known for its intriguing use of geometrical shapes in its designs and unique way the clothing moves while worn. 

Expressing his appreciation for the comedic sketch, Sivan reposted the clip on his instagram and Tiktok account—changing his profile picture to Chalamet’s goofy expression in the now-trending tank top.

Photo: Timmothee Chalamet, Boygenius (Julien Baker, Lucy Dacus, and Phoebe Bridgers) wearing Vinnpatararin / SNL