Does Bangkok have the best night shopping in the world? Read on for our seven favorite night markets across town (plus four more honorable mentions). 

Rod Fai Market 1 (Srinakarin)


This vintage shoppers’ mecca is the OG of Bangkok’s night markets. Though no longer anywhere near Rod Fai Park—its former location behind Chatuchak Weekend Market—it has kept its unique railway theme, with a Wild West-style entrance. The space is vast, housing hundreds of stalls selling everything from trendy clothes and accessories, to second-hand sneakers, vintage gems and, of course, food and booze galore. 

What we like: The long, grungy-slash-hipster alleyway leading to the market gears you up for what’s ahead with its lines of vintage-style barbers, tattoo shops, and craft beer bars. The market itself is clearly divided into vintage and new zones, with plenty of benches to crash out on—a rare feature at night markets. 

What to buy: There’s no shortage of clothes, from colorful tie dye and cheeky slogan tees, to jeans, dresses, culottes, and all kinds of fashionable accessories—think bucket hats, sunglasses and Ikea bumbags. Thrift shoppers can revel in endless vintage finds, from obscure concert T-shirts, military jackets and workers’ overalls to old-school matchboxes, film cameras, suitcases, car accessories and home decor. 

What annoys us: It’s so out of town. Yes there’s plenty of parking but the traffic getting there can be next-level infuriating. Even taking a motorbike from the nearest BTS (Udom Suk) takes at least 15 minutes. 

Who goes there: Local teenagers, foodies and vintage enthusiasts.   

Pro tips: The market is quite deep, and the good stuff is right at the back, so resist the urge to blow your hard-earned baht too soon.

Where: Srinakarin Soi 51, behind Seacon Square. Open Thu-Sun 5pm-1am



SHOP HERE: Dye Hard 

Specializes in vintage military style pieces—think 1940s-60s US military herringbone twill pants (B4,200), Vietnam War-era boonie hats (B2,500) and herringbone twill utility jackets (B8,500). Vintage denim shorts from Polo Ralph Lauren, Levi’s, Dockers and Wrangler are also available. 

Warehouse 3/12, Rod Fai Market 1 (Srinakarin), 081-802-2262. Open Thu-Sun 6pm-10pm 


Rod Fai Market 2 (Ratchada)


Although smaller than its out-of-town predecessor, Rod Fai Market 2 has the winning formula of variety and accessibility. What was once a parking lot behind The Esplanade shopping mall is now a vibrant bazaar of endless street eats, bars, clothes and accessories. With a vibe that’s chilled out yet full of energy, just walking around the maze of stalls is a fun experience in itself, plus with MRT Thailand Cultural Center so close, getting here is a breeze. 

What we like: The abundance of stalls is conveniently organized into food, shopping and bar sections. When it comes to shopping, you can pretty much get anything, from fashionable handbags and sunnies to colorful hipster socks, all at very low prices. The choice of food is equally impressive, ranging from the local favorite leng saab (hot and spicy soup with pork ribs), Korean barbecue and Japanese hot pots, to classic burgers and grilled seafood. There’s no shortage of drinks and live music either, thanks to rows and rows of dive bars—head to the second floor bars for the best Instagram shots.

What to buy: There’s a good mix of generic night market fare—graphic tees, Hawaiian shirts, tank tops, swimwear—and cool finds, like chic resort wear, big brand sneakers like Nike, Vans and Adidas, artsy jewelry, vintage clothes, antiques, boutique body care and home fragrances. The quality here is more than decent, all at wallet-friendly prices.
What annoys us: Once you surface from the MRT, there are no clear signs that indicate the market’s exact location. We suggest you follow the hordes heading around the back of The Esplanade mall, where you’ll find the entrance.

Who goes there: Everyone—families, young couples, teens and tourists. This place is a magnet for Chinese tour groups. 

Pro tips: Don’t stress yourself out by driving, because finding parking at Esplanade is a bitch. Take a taxi and you risk getting stuck in traffic for hours. Just get on the MRT. Period.  

Where: Behind The Esplanade, Ratchadaphisek Rd. Open daily 5pm-1am. MRT Thailand Cultural Center.



SHOP HERE: Used in Japan

A must-visit for savvy thrift shoppers seeking quality second hand clothes from Japanese and other international brands. Expect to snag gems like Ken Nakamura jeans, vintage Ralph Lauren jackets or Golden Goose Deluxe Brand (GGDB) sneakers. Chinos are in the B1,090-1,490 range, while jeans range from B990 to around B2,400.   

Rod Fai Market 2 (Ratchada), 087-051-2929. Open daily 6pm-10pm 


Chatuchak Friday Night Market


With over 15,000 stalls, the sprawling 70-rai daytime Chatuchak Weekend Market is one of the world’s largest. Shopaholics may go gaga for it, but they’re soon met with the realities of scorching sunlight and an asphyxiating weekend crowd. What many don’t know is that a smaller section of Chatuchak also opens every Friday night to strollers who want to avoid being packed like sweaty sardines in the daytime heat.

What we like: Chatuchak on a Friday evening still buzzes with energy, and the absence of the sun is the cherry on top. Most of the shops here offer wholesale prices, so you can expect to snag bargains if you purchase in larger quantities. With cute blouses and chic handbags for under B200, this is the place for some serious retail therapy—we won’t blame you for going home with more than a few extra goodies than you intended. 

What to buy: The majority of the shops are dedicated to all things fashion, from T-shirts, blouses, dresses, jackets, jeans, sunnies, and hats, to bags, socks, jewelry and cosmetics—you name it, this market has it. Some of the sub-sois are also open, where you’ll find more clothes, souvenirs and other knick- knacks. Note that only sections 8 to 26 (clothing, accessories and food) are operational at night––no gardening, art, pet or book zones.

What annoys us: Cars, bikes and minivans are constantly brushing up alongside you, seriously interrupting your flow. Also, this night market is not for foodies. At all. On our visit, there were just a few vendors selling pork skewers and Isaan sausages near the gates. 

Who goes there: Ninety-percent Thai teens, but what did you expect, with all the super-cheap fashion? 

Pro tips: Drop by after 10pm if you want to experience the market at its peak. Parking is shockingly limited; if you insist on driving, park inside DD Mall—the big red building opposite Chatuchak Gate 1—or try BTS Mo Chit’s car park (free from 5pm-1am).  

Where: Kamphaeng Phet 2 Rd. Open Fri 10pm-7am. BTS Mo Chit/MRT Chatuchak Park/MRT Kamphaeng Phet.

SHOP HERE: Muss Room 

Get the Muji-look for less at this womenswear store, where minimally chic kimono-style tops, high-waisted shorts, wrap skirts and dresses come in an array of warm, earthy tones perfect for summer. All of the clothes here are made from cotton, each piece costing no more than a bargain B200. 

Chatuchak Friday Night Market (Section 4 Soi 48), Kamphaeng Phet 2 Rd., 083-577-5155. Open Fri 7pm-2am. Instagram: @mussroom


Chang Chui


Drive across to the Thonburi side of the river and you’ll find this 11-rai creative hub, whose name in Thai means “sloppy artisan.” Opened in 2017—and featured in Time magazine’s 2018 list of the World's 100 Greatest Places—Chang Chui is the brainchild of Somchai Songwattana, CEO and art director of Thailand’s pioneering fashion house FlyNow. Each of the 18 separate buildings are made from reused materials, including its main attraction, the head-turning disused Lockheed L-1011 Tristar airplane.  

What we like: Chang Chui is undeniably a hipster’s paradise. The eccentric sculptures and urban art pieces make for cool Instagram backdrops, while the clothing stores and F&B choices are trendy, yet refreshingly different. Aside from all that, Chang Chui feels very down-to-earth. It’s surprisingly kid-friendly, with slides, tree houses and swings, and is well-organized into two main zones—Green and Night. Unlike most night markets, it’s not overcrowded, making strolling around a pleasant experience. 

What to buy: More upscale than most others, so don’t expect to see piles of secondhand clothes or designer knockoffs. Instead, you’ll be greeted with stylish fashion boutiques and other unique shops selling leather goods, arts and crafts, books, stationery, home products and gifts. There’s a handful of outdoor pop-up stalls selling high-quality preloved clothes, Muji-style canvas totes, beach-ready tie dye garments and plants. The F&B choices are the real highlight—think insect restaurant Insects in the Backyard (02-035-7000), fine dining airplane restaurant Na-Oh (088-612-2188) and craft beer expert Hoey Bar (081-817-2888). 

What annoys us: Even with its media attention, the market doesn't seem to be able to attract much traffic and closing hours for the shops seem unpredictable—this is probably because it’s so far out of town with no transport links nearby. 

Who goes there: Thonburi families, artists, creatives, and a few tourists. 

Pro tips: Although Chang Chui also opens during the day, it’s best to come as the sun sets, as that’s when the market has the best vibe with both zones open. 

Where: 460/8 Sirindhorn Rd., 081-817-2888. Open Thu-Tue 11am-11pm (11am-9pm for Green Zone; 4pm-11pm for Night Zone). 



SHOP HERE: Chui Charoen 

This retro-style shop may look like a general store you’d see in a typical Thai village, but it’s actually a concept store that gathers hip local brands with a heavy focus on stationery, souvenirs and lifestyle products with creative Thai twists. Highlights include colorful upcycled rice bags (B200), Nora matte liquid lipsticks (B490), Ramakien brooches (B250) and magnets (B190), and organic skincare products from local brand Chorkoon. 

Chang Chui, 60/8 Sirindhorn Rd., 081-817-2888. Open Tue-Sun 4-10pm. 


Asiatique the Riverfront 


Divided into several sections, ranging from the panoramic waterfront to a 100-year-old refurbished sawmill, this sprawling riverside shopping center offers both a night bazaar and a mall. There are over 1,500 boutiques covering quirky fashion, home decor and intriguing souvenirs, plus over 40 eateries, beer gardens and wine bars. For entertainment, there are also stage shows like Calypso Bangkok cabaret, Joe Louis Thai Puppet Theatre and Muay Thai Live. 

What we like: The scenic Chao Phraya backdrop makes a nice change to the norm, while the vibe is low-key and unpretentious—there’s a genuine sense of people coming here just to simply unwind and have a good time. The market is also very easy to navigate thanks to the well-organized zones—Charoenkrung District for small boutique shops, Factory District for trendy fashion and gadgets, Waterfront District for upscale dining and drinking and Town Square District for more bars, cafes and big food chains. Surprisingly, the market is not swamped by tourists—it’s busy, but not too busy, meaning there’s still room to breathe. 

What to buy: There’s a plethora of small boutique shops inside the warehouses selling high-quality, well-designed handicrafts and souvenirs that you’ll actually want to buy for yourself, as well as organic bath and shower products, essential oils, silks, Kashmir carpets, leather goods, upcycled home decor and other knick knacks. Big fashion and lifestyle brands like Owndays, Beautrium and Jelly Bunny also have branches here, located right at the back. F&B-wise, there are dozens of restaurants serving seafood, Asian and Western cuisine. 

What annoys us: We dig the interesting choice of shops and restaurants, but not so much the spendy prices. Since it’s a tourist attraction, we guess it’s to be expected.
Who goes there: Tour groups, families and young couples.

Pro tips: The easiest and fastest way to get there is the free shuttle boat from Sathorn Pier (Central Pier), which only takes 10 minutes and runs from 4-11:30pm.

Where: 2194 Charoenkrung Rd., 02-108-4488. Open daily 4pm-midnight. 



SHOP HERE: Aromee 

This shop specializes in 100-percent natural, organic aromatherapy and indulgent skincare products. Our favorites include the handmade natural vegan facial soap in shea butter and the Oasis Skin body lotion, packed with jojoba and sweet almond to help soften the skin, and cocoa butter, shea butter and frangipani flower oil extract to provide an invigorating, uplifting scent. 

Asiatique the Riverfront, Warehouse 1, Soi 8, 2194 Charoenkrung Rd. Open daily 4pm-midnight


Neon Night Market


Located right in the downtown Pratunam area near Platinum Shopping Mall, Neon Night Market is one of the newest additions to Bangkok’s night market scene. Owned by The Platinum Group, it transforms what was once vacant land on Petchaburi Road into a neon-tinged hangout spot for city dwellers to shop, eat and drink. 

What we like: Overall, the venue is clean and well-spaced, with rows of tents arranged in an orderly fashion, making it easy to navigate. The market feels very urban thanks to the looming cityscape backdrop, yet super low-key and chilled out. Bonus points for the easy-to-find ATM stationed right at the entrance.

What to buy: Wardrobe basics like T-shirts, jeans, shorts and socks are abundant. The selection, however, leans towards typical tourist items—think Balenciaga and Kenzo copycat logo tees, elephant pants and Thai silk scarfs. Meanwhile, the budget-friendly, trendy street fashion and accessories make ideal impulse buys. As for street eats, this market is heavy on seafood, highlights being the all-you-can eat Taikong Seafood (084-756-3131), where you can uniquely catch your own live seafood and cook it on the spot.   

What annoys us: The market seems a bit soulless and lacks the artistic community vibe we know and love. There’s not much variety on the F&B front either—foodies will be disappointed. 
Who goes there: Office workers, downtown residents, and a few tourists.

Pro tips: From BTS Chit Lom, it’s about a 10-minute walk or under five minutes by motorbike. Alternatively, it’s a three-minute walk from Chit Lom Pier—accessible by the Khlong Saen Saep canal boat service.

Where: 1087 Petchaburi Rd., 063-230-1555. Open daily 4pm-midnight. 



SHOP HERE: Drive Line

With the owners’ shared passion for JDM cars, this shop is all about edgy, car-related apparel and accessories like GTR screen printed tees, Toyota Supra MK4 iPhone cases, baseball caps and keychains, as well as a wide array of performance automotive parts.

Neon Night Market, 1087 Petchaburi Rd., 086-413-7908. Open daily 5pm-midnight


Liab Duan Night Market


Meaning “the market located along the expressway,” this huge, bustling night market transforms 17-rai of the Ramintra-Ekkamai neighborhood into a popular local hotspot, with hundreds of vendors selling almost anything you can think of, plus countless food stalls and restaurants. 

What we like: The vibe here is as down-to-earth and local as it gets, making no allusions to hipness whatsoever. Strolling through stall-after-stall of colorful, unexpected trinkets is fun, even if you have no intention of buying anything. Like many night markets in Bangkok, Liab Duan is well-organized and brightly lit. There are also ATM machines lined up at the entrance—a sure way to get in our good books. 

What to buy: The bae kar din-style shops (a Thai idiom meaning “selling stuff on the ground”) remind us a little of the now permanently closed JJ Green, with their vast array of fashionable goods from basic tees, dresses, hats, sunnies and iPhone cases to cheap electronic goods, cosmetics and toys. Among these are many designer knockoffs like Off-White T-shirts, monogram-patterned Louis Vuitton handbags and Balenciaga Triple S sneakers. But keep walking and you’ll find stalls selling cool vintage band tees and big piles of secondhand sneakers and shoes, including gems like Dr. Martens, Puma Fenty Creepers and Converse Chuck Taylor American Flag High-Tops. 

What annoys us: What is it with night markets and seafood? Sure, there are dozens of food stalls and restaurants here, but they seriously lack variety. While there’s no shortage of grilled seafood and Cajun-style shrimp buckets, only a handful offer Thai staples. Some of the restaurants seem to have questionable hygiene, too. 

Who goes there: Local residents and out of towners dropping by for dinner on their daily commute. 

Pro tips: Since there’s no public transport nearby, your easiest bet is to take a taxi all the way, otherwise it’s a 20-minute drive from MRT Lat Phrao. 

Where: Ramintra Rd., opposite Tawandang German Brewery (Ramintra Branch), near Vacharaphol junction. Open daily 5pm-2am.



Honorable mention: 4 more markets for you to scavenge


Rot Boran Market (Classic Car Market)

Not too far from Liab Duan Night Market, over on Kaset-Nawamin Road, you’ll find this cool-looking spot stashed away behind The Walk community mall. Beyond its towering, Art Deco-inspired facade lies an array of classic automobiles converted into pop-up stores. 
12/6 Prasert-Manukitch Rd., 098-533-5651. Open Tue-Sun 5pm-midnight


Huamum Night Market

Less than 10 minutes’ walk away from Rot Boran Market is Huamum market, another hotspot among locals. The market boasts very affordable clothing, accessories and colorful trinkets, as well as loads of street eats. 
678 Prasert-Manukitch Rd., 099-492-6858. Open daily 5pm-midnight

Credit: Artbox



Since 2015, this popular market has hopped all around Bangkok. Now, it has just announced a semi-permanent address at Chuvit Garden, Sukhumvit Soi 10, where it will remain through Nov 30. Expect to find fashion, food,  live music, photo spots and art stalls. 
Chuvit Garden, Sukhumvit Soi 10, 092-260-7667. Open daily 3pm-midnight

The Camp Vintage Flea Market

Vintage lovers can’t miss this night market next to Chatuchak. Spend hours treasure hunting for preloved clothes, furniture, home decor and vinyl records. F&B-wise, there are street-food names like Taikong Seafood and Summer Street, Pompano Roasted Cafe and Ari’s Paper Butter to name a few. 
482 Kamphaeng Phet Soi 1, 098-998-8580. Open Tue-Sun 3pm-midnight