The man behind Udon Thani’s Samuay and Sons restaurant has just launched a line of all-natural relishes. The best part? They’re available for delivery to your doorstep.
Roschaati, the formal Thai word for flavor (ros), derived from the Sanskrit word “shakti,” meaning energy of creation, is the brainchild of chef Weerawat “Num” Triyasenawat, head chef of Thai fine dining restaurant Samuay and Sons, as well as a new Thai-Isaan venue called Mak Khang.
Drawing on his passion for nature and forgotten Thai ingredients, Num has specially created each relish to reflect seasonality and the local traditions of rural communities across the kingdom.
Currently, there are three vegan-friendly options available, including chili and shiitake soy sauce (B85), vegan jaew bong (B100), and a mushroom tamarind relish (B130) that offers a unique earthy spin on the classic Thai condiment. Signatures like fish floss (B120), seafood nam prik pao (B120), and organic pork and tamarind relish (B100), meanwhle, are time-honored, can’t-miss staples.
All products are made with natural and organic ingredients, again reflecting Num’s culinary ethos.
You can order through their Line official account, @roschaati.
Image courtesy of We Are Kin-Kin (Facebook and Instagram)