The hard-to-book Thai restaurant Baan Nual said in Jan that they were closing their original location to move to a new, bigger location, and they recently announced they’ll be ready by the beginning of June.
The venue has also said booking information will be announced next month, and Baan Nual has a reputation for long waits—usually around two months. So, if you want to dine at their new location soon, you’d better get ready.
Baan Nual serves no-BS Thai dishes in big portions. They send diners a list of dishes available on the day of booking to order in advance and prep what you order; no ordering on the spot.
Their must-try dishes include moo pad kapi (stir-fried pork neck with shrimp paste from Chumphon), yum dokkajorn, (Thai-style cowslip creeper salad with minced pork and shrimp made with boiled coconut cream), and goong pad mun goong (prawns stir-fried with shrimp head fat).
While it’s quite hard to book, it’s not impossible to get a seat here (unlike Sorn). For the old location, they accepted booking via Instagram DM only, so we’ll have to wait and see what they have in mind for the new spot.