The two-table Thai restaurant Baan Nual is moving from their original location in Sam Sen to Fueang Nakhon Road in Phra Nakhon, according to recent Instagram posts.
Though photos show that the new location doesn’t look like a rustic, traditional Thai-style wooden house anymore, it appears to have a bigger space and is still keeping with the local shophouse-style vibe. The new venue should be ready around mid-year.
Baan Nual serves no-BS Thai dishes in big portions; they send diners a list of dishes available on the day of booking to order in advance. Then they prep exactly what you order and you won’t be able to order anything on the spot.
Their must-try dishes include moo pad kapi (stir-fried pork neck with shrimp paste from Chumphon), yum dokkajorn, (Thai-style cowslip creeper salad with minced pork and shrimp made with boiled coconut cream), or goong pad mun goong (prawns stir-fried with shrimp head fat).
While it’s quite hard to book—and the waitlist is usually from around two to four months—it’s not impossible to get a seat here (unlike Sorn). Booking is done via Instagram DM only.