Kad Kokoa just opened Bangkok’s first bean-to-bar cafe in Sathorn and chocolatiers are popping up everywhere to leave their mark on the city’s dessert scene. We’ve selected five chocolate bars (70 to 75-percent cocoa) that celebrate Thai beans from Chanthaburi to Chumphon—no mysterious chemicals or additives, just cocoa and sugar—and put them to a blind taste test.  

Aimmika 72% (B220) RUNNER UP!

A lighter shade of brown than the others, this bar also surprises with its physical lightness. Not so dense, the texture is smooth, almost creamy, but this chocolate still gives a satisfying snap when broken. A nice chocolatey aroma is offset by slightly bittersweet, raisin and red berry notes that some find overpowering.
Verdict: A binge-worthy bar.



Kad Kokoa 70% (B250) BK PICK!

With its smooth texture, lightest of cocoa aromas and alluring taste of roasted almond, this dark, dark brown bar is close to the complete package. Bittersweet but not sour, the chocolate gives off this little zing on the tongue that keeps you coming back for more, and the flavor lingers longer than others. 
Verdict: A most sophisticated bar.



Siamaya 75% (B160)

This bar’s slightly burgundy color is topped off with a strong sheen and the absolute tiniest of air bubbles. What hits you first is the very sour smell, which is a good indication of the flavors within this super-soft bar. Sweet, leafy notes give way to a numbing sourness that leaves you with a dry mouth after you finish. 
Verdict: Pucker up. 



Paradai 75% (B250)

The shiny and even surface doesn’t tell the story of the dryness within. We like the initial nuttiness, but the subsequent sour plum notes detract from any chocolatey taste. The texture is not at all creamy. 
Verdict: Small doses only.



Shaba 70% (B95)

This soft, wafer-thin bar will barely make a sound when you snap it and quickly melt if you’re not careful. To match the disarmingly shiny surface, your first bite delivers an almost overwhelming hit of sweetness. Thankfully, this gives way to reveal some pretty nice orange blossom and red berry notes. 
Verdict: Handle with care.